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    NEWS | H145M LUH SOF in Luftwaffe

    Flares Decoys Tested on German H145M

    German Armed Forces Technical and Airworthiness Center for Aircraft 61 tested flare decoys protection system on the H145M


    Flares Decoys Tested on German H145M

    Bundeswehr, May 05, 2019 - On April 16-17 2019, flight tests with flare decoys were carried out on the Feilenmoos testing area of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) Technical Service for Aircraft (WTD 61) in Manching.

    During operations, the special forces of the Bundeswehr Special Forces Command (KSK, Kommando Spezialkräfte) often fly with open or without doors in their H145M helicopter Light Utility Helicopter / Special Operations Forces (LUH SOF).

    As part of the industry-wide arms integration program for M134D Gatling, or MG6, machine guns, the WTD 61 is tasked with investigating whether the weapons operator is exposed to heat radiation, flue gas and fragments during flare discharge during an open-door flight. The investigation is supplemented by an examination of the aircraft for hazardous residues on the outer airframe and in the interior after a flare launching.

    During the flight tests, one grounded and several flight tests took place in September and November 2017 during which night vision goggles (NGV) were tested for their flare compatibility and their characteristic properties were measured for possible impairments.

    As part of the current flight test involving threats for the weapons operator, various flight maneuvers were carried out with the H145M. Speed ​​and heading varied as well as the number of flares ejected and the side of the ejection.

    In these flight tests, the weapons operators were replaced by two fully articulated and instrumented "Human Dummies" which were fixed to the real seating positions. The dummies' fireproof suits were equipped with a variety of temperature sensors that captured and recorded thermal stress during flare bursts.

    The helicopter itself was equipped with various cameras both inside and outside the airframe. In the interior, measuring technology was installed for recording the smoke gas load. On the outside, temperature measuring strips were attached at various points.

    The trajectories of the helicopter itself and the flares were recorded by KTH (Kinotheodolithen, optical trajectory measurement) stations of the department and the entire experiment was documented by WTD61 cameras.

    Following the successful tests, the helicopter was first inspected for visible residue from the flare bombardment and currently the evaluation of all measurement results is underway.

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    H145M LUH SOF in Luftwaffe
    WTD61 Wehrtechnische Dienstelle Luftfahrzeuge 61 Luftwaffe     German Air Force



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