south africa Cape Town International Airport

Cape Town, Western Cape
south africa

Satellite and aerial maps of Cape Town with nearby locations

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1.0192 Thunder City, Western Cape
12.6307FAYP AFB Ysterplaat, Western Cape
17.1293 Cape Town Harbour, Western Cape
18.3296 Waterfront Heliport, Western Cape
19.8 82FASH Stellenbosch, Western Cape
26.1121 Preserved S-62, Western Cape

33° 58' 26.75'' S - 18° 36' 15.12'' E
Elevation: 151 feet

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List of aircraft and events at Cape Town

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SA321J Super FrelonZS-HTN
1995-dec-18 S-61LV5-HSP
2002-mar-16 S-61N Mk.IIZS-RLL
2003-dec-30 407ZS-RPC
2004-jan-28 S-61NZS-HVJ
2004-apr-13 EC120BZS-RST
2004-apr-13 R22 Beta IIZS-RNU
2004-apr-13 R44 Raven IIZS-ROC
2006-oct-30 SA321J Super FrelonZS-HTN
2014-sep-20 UH-1D IroquoisZS-HLA
2015-feb-06 UK Fleet Air ArmLynx HAS3ZD252
2017-jun-07 AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 ZS-HZA

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