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  • usa Phoenix Deer Valley Airport

    Phoenix, Arizona



    Satellite and aerial maps of Phoenix Deer Valley with nearby locations

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    11.5251 Arrowhead Ranch Hospital, Arizona
    12.622577AZ Banner Thunderbird Medical Center Heliport, Arizona
    17.5114KSDL Scottsdale, Arizona
    20.8242AZ08 Banner Boswell Memorial Hospital Heliport, Arizona
    24.9174AZ48 Banner University Medical Center Heliport, Arizona
    26.5155P18 Papago Army Heliport, Arizona

    33° 41' 17.88'' N - 112° 4' 58.80'' W

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    List of units at Phoenix Deer Valley

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1979/    PHXPDAW119 Koala 2006/15
    AS350 Ecureuil 2005/   
    MD520N 1991/06

    List of aircraft and events at Phoenix Deer Valley

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    By Date | By Serial

    2000-jul-01 AS350B3 N971AE
    2001-sep-12 407 N52AZ
    2003-nov-02 407 N905MC
    2003-dec-30 State of Arizona 206L-3 N206AZ
    2003-dec-30 State of Arizona 206L-3 N206AZ
    2004-jul-17 State of Arizona 206L-3 N206AZ
    2005-jan-09 State of Arizona 206L-3 N206AZ
    2005-jan-09 407 N54AZ
    2005-jan-09 AS350B3 N587AE
    2005-feb-12 407 N905MC
    2006-jul-09 Carson Helicopters S-61N N116AZ
    2006-oct-01 AS350B3 N590AE
    2007-sep-10 AS350B2 N350R
    2009-may-01 HTS CH-54B N719HT
    2010-sep-09 PHXPD AS350B3 N352FB
    2010-sep-19 MCSO 407 N905MC
    2010-nov-06 PHXPD AS350B3 N351FB
    2010-nov-25 PHXPD AW119 N198FB
    2010-dec-02 PHXPD AS350B3 N357FB
    2011-jan-18 PHXPD A119 N196FB
    2011-apr-12 206L-4 N64AW
    2011-may-29 State of Arizona 407 N407NA
    2011-may-29 407 N407VV
    2012-jan TriState CareFlight A119 N103CF
    2012-jan Native Air BK117B1 N238BK
    2012-jan RAVEN II N944DM
    2012-feb-16 PHXPD AS350B3 N353FB
    2012-apr HMX-1 CH-46F 157682
    2012-may Coastal Helicopters AS350B2 N4TV
    2012-may Arizona National Guard OH-58A 71-20727
    2012-jun Native Air AS350B3 N827NA
    2012-jul State of Virginia 205A-1 N2773H
    2012-jul Flagstaff Medical Center 407 N712GA
    2012-jul Air Methods AS350B3 N54178
    2012-jul-14 HeliQwest 205A-1 C-GFHA
    2012-jul-20 State of Arizona 407 N905MC
    2012-aug-23 AZDPS 407 N54AZ
    2012-sep Flagstaff Medical Center 407 N407NA
    2012-sep MD530F N393AS
    2012-sep-13 US Department Of Energy 407 N619DE
    2012-sep-19 Flagstaff Medical Center 407 N408GA
    2012-oct-02 HMX-1 CH-46D 153322
    2012-oct-02 HMX-1 CH-46F 154851
    2012-oct-02 HMX-1 CH-46F 157715
    2012-oct-02 Erickson CH-54B N179AC
    2012-dec-04 Native Air AS350B3 N574AM
    2012-dec-08 Airwest Helicopters F-28F N503PD
    2013-jan-02 Helicopters Inc AS350B2 N12FQ
    2013-jan-03 Airwest Helicopters 206L-4 N995PM
    2013-jan-03 II N990UH
    2013-jan-04 407 N407NN
    2013-jan-30 Arizona National Guard UH-60A 89-26136
    2013-feb-01 PHXPD AW109E N109FB
    2013-mar-28 206B-2 N59541
    2013-mar-29 206B-2 N16770
    2013-apr-03 TriState CareFlight A119 N303CF
    2013-apr-10 Blackcomb Helicopters UH-1D N132AR
    2013-apr-12 Arizona National Guard UH-60A 84-23938
    2013-jun-06 PHXPD AW119 N195FB
    2013-aug-07 MCSO OH-58A N117FT
    2013-aug-19 Native Air AS350B3 N54178
    2013-sep-11 II N444UH
    2013-sep-27 PHI Inc 407 N434PH
    2013-oct-01 Flagstaff Medical Center 407 N407VV
    2013-oct-01 Native Air AS350B3 N418TY
    2013-oct-13 206L-3 N3180L
    2013-oct-19 Native Air AS350B3 N533AM
    2013-oct-26 AZDPS 407 N52AZ
    2013-nov-13 II N99TV
    2013-nov-17 Arizona National Guard UH-60A 79-23313
    2013-dec-17 State of California BETA II N86GC
    2013-dec-19 280FX N151BY
    2013-dec-19 PHI Air Medical 407 N450PH
    2014-jan-16 Airwest Helicopters 206L-1 N85AW
    2014-jan-16 Arizona National Guard UH-60A 79-23338
    2014-jan-21 State of Arizona 407 N905MC
    2014-jan-21 407GX N115SF
    2014-mar-30 Helicopters Inc AS350BA N12FL
    2014-jul-03 SA341F N918GZ
    2014-jul-03 Army UH-60L 98-26809
    2014-jul-03 Army UH-60L 90-26261
    2014-aug-14 II N789KB
    2014-aug-20 II N222UH
    2014-sep-11 USMC CH-53E 165346
    2014-sep-18 206L-3 N3180L
    2014-nov-30 PHI Inc 407 N450PH
    2014-dec-07 Arizona National Guard UH-60L 93-26507
    2015-feb-16 State of Arizona 407 N409GA
    2015-jun-23 MCSO 407GX N977MS
    2015-jun-23 Native Air AS350B3 N4204
    2016-mar-12 EC130T2 N375AE

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