usa NAS North Island

San Diego, California

1.0319 Naval Base San Diego, California
3.9 25KSAN San Diego, California
6.8102 NASSCO San Diego, California
14.2 26KMYF Montgomery Field, California
17.4149KNRS NAS Imperial Beach / Ream Field, California
19.5 18KNKX MCAS Miramar, California

1917 to present

32° 42' 6.11'' N - 117° 12' 28.80'' W
Coronado peninsula, San Diego
Elevation: 26 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2015/nowHSM-49 Scorpionss-70 H-60 2015/now
2013/nowHSC-14 Chargerss-70 H-60 2013/now
2012/nowHSC-15 Red Lionss-70 H-60 2012/now
2012/nowHSC-4 Black Knightss-70 H-60 2012/now
2012/14HUQ-1MQ-8A/B Fire Scout 2012/14
2012/nowHSM-35 Magicianss-70 H-60 2013/now
MQ-8A/B Fire Scout 2013/now
2012/13HS-14 Chargerss-70 H-60 1994/13
2012/nowHSM-78 Blue Hawkss-70 H-60 2012/now
2011/nowHSM-75 Wolf Packs-70 H-60 2011/now
2011/nowHSC-6 Indianss-70 H-60 2011/now
2009/12HSC-12 Golden Falconss-70 H-60 2009/now
2009/12HSM-77 Saberhawkss-70 H-60 2009/now
2007/nowHSC-8 Eightballerss-70 H-60 2007/now
2007/nowHSM-71 Raptorss-70 H-60 2007/now
2007/nowHSM-73 BattleCatss-70 H-60 2007/now
2007/nowHSM-41 Seahawkss-70 H-60 2007/now
2006/nowHSC-23 Wildcardss-70 H-60 2006/now
2006/nowHSC-85 Firehawkss-70 H-60 2006/10
s-70 H-60 2006/now
2005/nowHSC-21 Blackjackss-70 H-60 2005/now
2005/nowHSC-3 Merlinss-70 H-60 2005/now
2001/06HCS-5 Firehawkss-70 H-60 1991/06
1994/06HC-85 Golden Gattorss-61 H-3 1994/06
1994HS-85 Golden Gattors
1990/15HSL-49 Scorpionss-70 H-60 1990/15
1987/09HSL-47 Saberhawks-70 H-60 1987/09
1987/88HS-16 Nighthawkss-61 H-3 1987/88
1986/11HSL-45 Wolfpacks-70 H-60 1986/11
1984/94HS-14 Chargerss-70 H-60 1994/13
s-61 H-3 1984/94
1984/07HSL-43 Battle Catss-70 H-60 1984/07
1983/06HSL-41 Seahawkss-70 H-60 1983/06
1977/94HS-12 Wyverrnss-61 H-3 1977/94
1977/05HC-11 Gunbearerss-61 H-3 1977/05
107M H-46 Sea Knight 1977/04
1976/12HS-10 Warhawkss-70 H-60 1990/12
s-61 H-3 1962/89
1976/92HSL-31 Arch Angelsseasprite 1972/92
1976/94HC-1 Fleet Angelss-70 H-60 1990/94
s-61 H-3 1970/94
107M H-46 Sea Knight 1964/94
seasprite 1962/90
1975/nowHS-4 Black Knightss-70 H-60 1991/now
s-61 H-3 1964/91
1975/90HC-9 Protectorss-61 H-3 1975/90
1975/94HSL-33 Seasnakesseasprite 1973/94
1975/11HS-6 Indianss-70 H-60 1992/11
s-61 H-3 1962/92
1975/09HS-2 Golden Falconss-70 H-60 1990/09
s-61 H-3 1961/90
1974/92HSL-35 Magiciansseasprite 1974/92
1973/05HC-3 Pack Ratss-70 H-60 2002/05
107M H-46 Sea Knight 1967/06
1969/05HS-8 Eightballerss-70 H-60 1993/05
s-61 H-3 1969/93

News about this location :

Super Stallions Get Service at FRCSW, 24-May-17 : Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW) at NAS North Island, CA maintained and repaired CH-53E Super Stallion still in service with the US Navy and Marines

US Navy Sundown Ceremony for SH-60B Seahawk, 08-May-15 : Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing Pacific conducts Sundown Ceremony to commemorate 30 years of active service for the SH-60B Seahawk helicopter.

NAS North Island new Hangar 370, 09-May-14 : CORONADO, Calif. by Ensign Gia DeHart – Numerous dignitaries, military personnel, contractors, and their families attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the Navy’s newest helicopter hangar at NAS North Island April 25. This facility was designed with sustainable features and built to support the operations of three HSC squadrons.

Magicians reborn, 03-May-13 : CORONADO, Calif. by NNS - Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 35 became the first composite expeditionary helicopter squadron to include both the world's most technologically advanced helicopter; the MH-60R Seahawk and the MQ-8B Fire Scout Vertical Take-off and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (VTUAV); during an establishment ceremony today on Naval Air Station North Island.

HS-15 Officially Transitions to HSC-15, 16-Nov-12 : SAN DIEGO (NNS) by By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class (SW/AW) Jonathan P. Idle, Navy Public Affairs Support Element West - Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (HS) 15 officially transitioned to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 15 during a ceremony, Nov. 15, at Naval Air Station North Island.

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By Date | By Serial

1981-apr US NavyHSS-2 Sea King148966
1981-sep HC-11 /VR-66US NavyCH-46D154035
1982-oct HSL-33US NavyUH-2A149017
1993 US NavyCH-46A152539
1995-oct-22 SH-60F Oceanhawk164087
1997-may-01 SH-60B Seahawk162983 / TZ-00
2004-feb-19 SH-60F Oceanhawk164089 / RA-19
2006-sep-18 HH-60J Jayhawk6040 / 164824
2006-nov-09 MH-60S Seahawk165759
2008-mar-08 MV-22B Osprey166689 / ES-03
2010-feb-12 US Marine CorpsCH-46F154857
2010-jun-20 MH-60S Seahawk165763
2010-jun-20 MH-60S Seahawk166300
2010-oct-26 MH-60R Seahawk166536
2010-oct-26 SH-60F Oceanhawk164087 / 10 HS-10 the 'Warhawk
2010-oct-26 SH-60F Oceanhawk164091
2011-jan-06 MH-60R Seahawk166524
2011-feb-10 AH-1W Super Cobra165362 / SM-24
2011-feb-11 CH-46D153368 / YQ-10
2011-feb-11 HH-60H Rescue Hawk163787 / 202
2011-feb-11 SH-60F Oceanhawk164073
2011-feb-11 SH-60F Oceanhawk164087
2011-feb-11 UH-1B IroquoisN832M / 62-02084 / 321
2011-feb-12 CH-46D154039 / PF-14
2011-feb-12 CH-46F155302 / ML-407
2011-feb-12 CH-46F155310
2011-feb-12 CH-53E Super Stallion162004 / YJ-63
2011-feb-12 CH-53E Super Stallion162009 / YK-14
2011-feb-12 HH-60J Jayhawk6032
2011-feb-12 HH-60J Jayhawk6033
2011-feb-12 HH-65 Dolphin6516
2011-feb-12 MH-60R Seahawk166561
2011-feb-12 MV-22B Osprey167905
2011-feb-12 MV-22B Osprey168008
2011-feb-12 UH-1Y Venom166756
2011-feb-12 UH-1Y Venom167995
2011-feb-12 UH-1Y Venom167997
2011-aug-02 HH-60J Jayhawk6041 / 164825
2011-sep-29 HH-60H Rescue Hawk165118 / 6
2011-sep-29 MV-22B Osprey167914 / YR-06
2011-sep-29 MV-22B Osprey168006 / YR-09
2011-oct-17 SH-60F Oceanhawk164099 / RA-14
2012-feb-01 SH-60F Oceanhawk164099 / RA-14
2012-jul-20 MH-53E Sea Dragon164861 / BJ-544
2012-dec-12 accidentUS NavyMH-60R Seahawk166591
2013-mar-25 MH-60R Seahawk167042
2013-jun-26 MH-60R Seahawk167055
2014-oct-02 US NavyMH-60R Seahawk167010

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