Helipuerto Base Coronel Mate

Colmenar Viejo , Madrid

spain Spain

Satellite and aerial maps of Colmenar Viejo AB with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
Colmenar Viejo Barracks , Madrid 3.0230
Colmenar Viejo Helipad (ADIF) , Madrid 5.6131
Soto del Real Helipad , Castille and León 8.4354
Bustarviejo , Madrid 17.7005LEBU
Reduena Helipad , Madrid 18.7046
El Pardo Barracks , Madrid 19.4183

  Colmenar Viejo AB

1966 to present

40° 41' 53.62'' N     3° 45' 50.39'' W
17nm NW of Madrid, Colmenar Viejo, Madrid
Elevation: 3274 feet

preserved/instructional/dump aircraft on field.
OH-13 HE.7B-20 (fake) 1985 to present : UH-1 HU.8B-10 1992 to 2010 : AB206 HR.12B-15 (fake) 1994 to present : OH-58 HR.12B-6 2007 to present : Bo105 HE.15-6 2000 to present

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  List of units at Colmenar Viejo AB

Years Unit
1998-    CEFAMETEC135, 205,
1980/83BHELA IBo105, 205,
BHELTRA VCH-47F Chinook, CH-47D Chinook, CH-47C Chinook,

  Colmenar Viejo AB News

Delivery of First CH-47F Chinook to Spain

Delivery of First CH-47F Chinook to Spain

03-Feb-22 - Boeing delivered to the Spanish Army Aviation the first of 17 Chinook heavy lift helicopters upgraded to the CH-47F variant in an ceremony at Colmenar Viejo air base #Chinook
Spanish Army Retired the UH-1H Huey

Spanish Army Retired the UH-1H Huey

19-Dec-18 - The Spanish Army Aviation (FAMET) retired its last UH-1H Huey after 52 years of service and 231,000 flight hours. Dubbed H-10, the last of 60 Hueys, ET-217, served in the Army school. #Huey
Indra Simulator for Spanish Army EC135

Indra Simulator for Spanish Army EC135

10-Feb-15 - The Spanish Ministry of Defense has chosen Indra to provide an integrated training system for the EC135 helicopter worth €14.4m to be used by the CESIFAMET in Colmenar Viejo, Madrid.
Marines and Spanish Soldiers Train in Heavy Lift

Marines and Spanish Soldiers Train in Heavy Lift

25-Nov-14 - US Marines trained with Spanish soldiers from BHELTRA V in externally sling loading heavy equipment at Colmenar Viejo, Spain, No 18-19, 2014

List of aircraft and events at Colmenar Viejo AB

By Date | By Serial | By Model

1993-sep-27 AB212 HU18-19 / ET-280
1993-sep-27 CH-47C HT17-14 / ET-414
1993-sep-27 CH-47D HT17-02 / ET-402
1993-sep-27 CH-47D HT17-06 / ET-406
1993-sep-27 CH-47D HT17-14 / ET-414

1999-may-29 CH-47C HT17-03 / ET-403
1999-may-29 OH-58A HR12B-14 / ET-123
1999-may-29 UH-1H HU10-35 / ET-215

2004-apr-28 CH-47C HT17-14 / ET-414
2004-apr-28 CH-47C HT17-16 / ET-416
2004-apr-28 CH-47D HT17-02 / ET-402
2004-apr-28 CH-47D HT17-05 / ET-405
2004-apr-28 CH-47D HT17-06 / ET-406
2004-apr-28 CH-47D HT17-08 / ET-408
2004-apr-28 CH-47D HT17-11 / ET-411
2004-apr-28 UH-1H HU10-34 / ET-214
2004-apr-29 UH-1H HU10-48 / ET-222
2004-jun-04 StoredFAMET UH-1H HU.10-21

2005-jan-14 105C HE15-16 / ET-129
2005-nov-05 105A HE15-6 / ET-137
2005-dec-28 CH-47D HT17-08 / ET-408
2005-dec-28 CH-47D HT17-11 / ET-411
2005-dec-28 EC135T2 HE26-03 / ET-181
2005-dec-28 UH-1H HU10-57 / ET-227

2006-nov-14 FAMET EC135P2+ HU.26-10

2008-nov FAMET CH-47D HT.17-08
2008-nov FAMET CH-47D HT.17-09

2009-sep-11 CH-47C HT17-16 / ET-416

2011-jun-21 CH-47D HT17-02 / ET-402
2011-jun-21 UME EC135P2+ HU26-10 / ET-196
2011-jun-21 UME EC135T2+ HU26-11 / ET-197

2012-jun-23 HAP HA28-05 / ET-705

2013-jun-23 UME EC135P2+ HU.26-10 / ET-196
2013-nov-27 MV-22B 166721

2016-jun-23 UME EC135P2+ HU.26-10 / ET-196
2016-sep-13 Handover CeremonyFAMET TTH HT.29-03
2016-sep-13 Handover CeremonyFAMET TTH HT.29-04

2017-apr-20 UME EC135T2+ HU.26-11

2018-dec-18 UH-1H retirementFAMET UH-1H HU.10-40

2022-feb BHELTRA V /ET-421 CH-47F HT.17-21A
2022-feb BHELTRA V /ET-422 CH-47F HT.17-22A
2022-feb-01 first CH-47FBHELTRA V CH-47F HT.17-20A
2022-jun BHELTRA V /ET-423 CH-47F HT.17-23A

2023-may-16 Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH H145D2 D-HCBS

2024-apr-01 FAMET CH-47D HT.17-19

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