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  • spain Helipuerto Base Coronel Mate

    Colmenar Viejo, Madrid


    Satellite and aerial maps of Colmenar Viejo AB with nearby locations

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    3.0230 Colmenar Viejo Barracks, Madrid
    5.6131 Colmenar Viejo Helipad (ADIF), Madrid
    8.4354 Soto del Real Helipad, Castille and León
    17.7005LEBU Bustarviejo, Madrid
    18.7046 Reduena Helipad, Madrid
    19.4183 El Pardo Barracks, Madrid

    1966 to present

    40° 41' 53.62'' N - 3° 45' 50.39'' W
    17nm NW of Madrid
    Elevation: 3274 feet

    History of this Location

    preserved/instructional/dump aircraft on field.
    OH-13 HE.7B-20 (fake) 1985 to present : UH-1 HU.8B-10 1992 to 2010 : AB206 HR.12B-15 (fake) 1994 to present : OH-58 HR.12B-6 2007 to present : Bo105 HE.15-6 2000 to present

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    List of units at Colmenar Viejo AB

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1998/    CEFAMETEC135 2005/   
    205 1998/05
    1980/83BHELA IBo105 1980/17
    205 1980
    BHELTRA VCH-47F Chinook 2022/   
    CH-47D Chinook 1991/   
    CH-47C Chinook 1973/02

    Colmenar Viejo AB News

    Delivery of First CH-47F Chinook to Spain, 03-Feb-22 : #Chinook Boeing delivered to the Spanish Army Aviation the first of 17 Chinook heavy lift helicopters upgraded to the CH-47F variant in an ceremony at Colmenar Viejo air base

    Spanish Army Retired the UH-1H Huey, 19-Dec-18 : #Huey The Spanish Army Aviation (FAMET) retired its last UH-1H Huey after 52 years of service and 231,000 flight hours. Dubbed H-10, the last of 60 Hueys, ET-217, served in the Army school.

    Indra Simulator for Spanish Army EC135, 10-Feb-15 : The Spanish Ministry of Defense has chosen Indra to provide an integrated training system for the EC135 helicopter worth €14.4m to be used by the CESIFAMET in Colmenar Viejo, Madrid.

    Marines and Spanish Soldiers Train in Heavy Lift, 25-Nov-14 : US Marines trained with Spanish soldiers from BHELTRA V in externally sling loading heavy equipment at Colmenar Viejo, Spain, No 18-19, 2014

    List of aircraft and events at Colmenar Viejo AB

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    By Date | By Serial

    1993-sep-27 AB212 HU18-19 / ET-280
    1993-sep-27 CH-47C HT17-14 / ET-414
    1993-sep-27 CH-47D HT17-02 / ET-402
    1993-sep-27 CH-47D HT17-06 / ET-406
    1993-sep-27 CH-47D HT17-14 / ET-414
    1999-may-29 CH-47C HT17-03 / ET-403
    1999-may-29 OH-58A HR12B-14 / ET-123
    1999-may-29 UH-1H HU10-35 / ET-215
    2004-apr-28 CH-47C HT17-14 / ET-414
    2004-apr-28 CH-47C HT17-16 / ET-416
    2004-apr-28 CH-47D HT17-02 / ET-402
    2004-apr-28 CH-47D HT17-05 / ET-405
    2004-apr-28 CH-47D HT17-06 / ET-406
    2004-apr-28 CH-47D HT17-08 / ET-408
    2004-apr-28 CH-47D HT17-11 / ET-411
    2004-apr-28 UH-1H HU10-34 / ET-214
    2004-apr-29 UH-1H HU10-48 / ET-222
    2004-jun-04 StoredFAMET UH-1H HU.10-21
    2004-jun-04 UH-1H HU10-21 / ET-258
    2005-jan-14 105C HE15-16 / ET-129
    2005-nov-05 105A HE15-6 / ET-137
    2005-dec-28 CH-47D HT17-08 / ET-408
    2005-dec-28 CH-47D HT17-11 / ET-411
    2005-dec-28 EC135T2 HE26-03 / ET-181
    2005-dec-28 UH-1H HU10-57 / ET-227
    2006-nov-14 FAMET EC135P2+ HU.26-10
    2008-nov FAMET CH-47D HT.17-08
    2008-nov FAMET CH-47D HT.17-09
    2009-sep-11 CH-47C HT17-16 / ET-416
    2011-jun-21 CH-47D HT17-02 / ET-402
    2011-jun-21 UME EC135P2+ HU26-10 / ET-196
    2011-jun-21 UME EC135T2+ HU26-11 / ET-197
    2012-jun-23 HAP HA28-05 / ET-705
    2013-jun-23 UME EC135P2+ HU.26-10 / ET-196
    2013-nov-27 MV-22B 166721
    2016-jun-23 UME EC135P2+ HU.26-10 / ET-196
    2016-sep-13 Handover CeremonyFAMET TTH HT.29-03
    2016-sep-13 Handover CeremonyFAMET TTH HT.29-04
    2017-apr-20 UME EC135T2+ HU.26-11
    2018-dec-18 UH-1H retirementFAMET UH-1H HU.10-40
    2022-feb BHELTRA V /ET-421 CH-47F HT.17-21A
    2022-feb BHELTRA V /ET-422 CH-47F HT.17-22A
    2022-feb-01 first CH-47FBHELTRA V CH-47F HT.17-20A
    2022-jun BHELTRA V /ET-423 CH-47F HT.17-23A
    2023-may-16 Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH H145 D-HCBS

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