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  • spain San Javier

    San Javier, Murcia


    Satellite and aerial maps of Murcia San Javier with nearby locations

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    6.0317LENR Hospital del Mar Menor, Murcia
    9.7322LELG San Javier, Murcia
    23.7213HGUSL Cartegena Hospital, Murcia
    25.3218 Cartagena Naval Base, Murcia
    25.6218 Bazan Cartagena, Murcia
    25.7224 Hospital Naval Cartagena, Murcia

    37° 46' 37.92'' N - 0° 48' 43.90'' W
    Elevation: 29 feet

    History of this Location

    Base AĆ©rea de San Javier occupies the north east part of the site.

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    List of aircraft and events at Murcia San Javier

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    By Date | By Serial

    2004-apr-02 S-70B-1 HS23-07 / 01-1007
    2006-jun-03 AS332B HD21-12 / 803-12
    2006-jun-03 EC120B HE25-7 / 78-26
    2006-jun-03 S-76C HE24-5 / 78-05
    2006-jun-03 SA316B 19376
    2009-jun-12 Eliance AS365N3 EC-JDQ
    2010-jun-05 EC120B HE25-15 / 78-34
    2011-jun-01 SA330J HD19-08
    2011-aug-19 INAER AW119KE EC-LGP
    2011-nov-30 Eliance AS365N3 EC-JDQ
    2012-jun-21 Eliance AS365N3 EC-JDQ
    2014-may-11 Eliance AS365N3 EC-JDQ
    2015-may-06 Eliance AS365N3 EC-JDQ
    2015-sep-26 EC135P2+ EC-KVY
    2016-jun-05 WAS AW139 9M-WAS
    2017-dec-27 Escuadron 803 AS332B HT.21-01
    2018-oct-26 FAMET AS532UL HT.27-07

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