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  • italy Lugo di Romagna

    Lugo di Romagna, Emilia-Romagna


    Satellite and aerial maps of Lugo di Romagna with nearby locations

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    12.9240 Imola Circuit Heliport, Emilia-Romagna
    28.4142LIPK Forli, Emilia-Romagna
    29.6097LIDR Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna
    40.9118LIPC Cervia, Emilia-Romagna
    44.7285 Bologna Hospital, Emilia-Romagna
    46.1341LIDV Prati Vecchi d'Aguscello, Emilia-Romagna

    44° 23' 53.52'' N - 11° 51' 17.28'' E
    Elevation: 62 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at Lugo di Romagna

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    By Date | By Serial

    2006-jul-07 AVES AB205A MM80441
    2006-jul-07 AVES AB205A-1 MM80692
    2006-jul-07 AVES AB205A-1 MM80546
    2006-jul-07 AVES AB205A-1 MM80551
    2006-jul-07 AVES CH-47C MM80844
    2006-jul-07 AVES NH90 TTH MM81518
    2006-jul-08 AB205A-1 MM80551 / EI-299
    2006-jul-09 AB205A-1 MM80553 / EI-301
    2006-jul-09 AB205A-1 MM80554 / EI-302
    2006-jul-09 AB412 MM81354 / EI-463
    2006-jul-09 AB412 MM81259 / EI-459
    2006-jul-09 AB412EP I-CFAL / CFS-27
    2006-jul-09 AB412HP MM81443 / GdiF-201
    2006-jul-09 AB412SP I-VFOI / VF-57
    2006-jul-09 BK117C-1 I-HKAV
    2008-jul-06 AVES A109CM MM81240
    2008-jul-06 AVES A129C MM81391
    2008-jul-06 49 GrSq A129C MM81391
    2008-jul-06 AVES A129C MM81415
    2008-jul-06 AB205A-1 MM80694 / EI-323
    2008-jul-06 AB205A-1 MM80552 / EI-300
    2008-jul-06 AB212 PS-101
    2008-jul-06 AB212ICO MM81157
    2008-jul-06 AB412SP ?
    2008-jul-06 AS-61R MM80986 / 15-15
    2008-jul-06 AS-61R MM81343 / 15-31
    2008-jul-06 AW139 I-DPCK
    2008-jul-06 BK117C-1 I-HDBZ

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