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  • italy Rivolto Mario Visentini Airport

    Codroipo, Friuli-Venezia Giulia



    Satellite and aerial maps of Rivolto with nearby locations

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    12.1061LIPD Campoformido, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    18.0260LIDK Casarsa, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    28.5003LIKH AVRO Aviosuperficie, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    30.5271 La Comina Pordenone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    35.4279LIPA Aviano, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    36.8117LIPQ Ronchi dei Legionari, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

    45° 58' 45.84'' N - 13° 2' 57.12'' E

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    Rivolto News

    EliFriulia H145 Ambulance at 2nd Stormo’ Heliport, 22-Dec-17 : EliFriulia H145/EC145T2 ambulance operated on behalf the Integrated University Health Authority of Udine will be based in a new helipad within the Italian Air Force’ Campoformido logistics base

    APROC 2017, 28-Jun-17 : Italian air force held the Air Centric Personnel Recovery Operatives Course (APROC), the main training event in Europe in combat search and rescue.

    AW609 at the Frecce Tricolori 55th Anniversary, 05-Sep-15 : Finmeccanica will show the AW609 tilt-rotor during the 55th anniversary of the Italian aerobatic team, the Frecce Tricolori, at military airport in Rivolto near Udine, September 5-6


    14-jun-1728-jun-17APROC 2017

    List of aircraft and events at Rivolto

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    By Date | By Serial

    2005-aug-04 AB139 I-EPIC
    2005-sep-04 AB212ICO MM81154
    2008-may-01 AMI AB212ICO MM81213
    2009-may-01 AS-61R MM81341 / 15-29
    2010-sep-11 AB212 MM81212 / 9-18
    2010-sep-11 AB212ICO MM81145
    2010-sep-12 AMI AB212 MM81212
    2010-sep-12 AMI AB212ICO MM81145
    2010-sep-12 AMI AB212ICO MM81217
    2010-sep-12 AB212ICO MM81217
    2010-sep-12 AMI AS-61R MM81341
    2010-sep-12 AVES TTH MM81524
    2010-sep-12 Antares TTH MM81524
    2014-may-21 AH-64D Q-08
    2014-may-21 RNLAF CH-47D D-664
    2015-sep-03 RNLAF AH-64D Q-26
    2015-sep-04 AMI AB212ICO MM81158
    2015-sep-04 9° Stormo AB212ICO MM81158
    2015-sep-04 AMI AW101 611 MM81864
    2015-sep-04 AMI AW101 611 MM81866
    2015-sep-04 AMI AW139M MM81799
    2015-sep-04 AMI AW139M MM81824
    2015-sep-04 AgustaWestland Italy AW149 CSX81848
    2015-sep-04 AMI NH500E MM81264
    2015-sep-05 RNLAF AH-64D Q-05
    2015-sep-06 9° Stormo AB212ICO MM81160
    2015-sep-06 AB212ICO MM81160
    2015-sep-06 AMI AW139M MM81799 / 15-43
    2015-sep-06 AMI AW139M MM81824 / 15-52
    2015-sep-06 AgustaWestland Italy AW609 N609AG
    2017-jun Armée de l'Air AS555AN 5516
    2017-jun Armée de l'Air AS555AN 5393
    2017-jun AMI AW139M MM81824
    2017-jun Armée de l'Air EC725R2 2802
    2017-jun Armée de l'Air EC725R2 2772
    2017-jun Wojska Lądowe MI-24V 728
    2017-jun Wojska Lądowe MI-24V 738
    2017-jun Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81583
    2017-jun Wojska Lądowe W-3W 0606
    2017-jun Wojska Lądowe W-3W 0601
    2017-jun-14 Marina Militare Italiana MK413 MM81633
    2017-jun-22 AMI AB212ICO MM81155
    2017-jun-22 AMI AW101 611 MM81867
    2017-jun-22 AMI AW139M MM81824
    2020-mar-09 9° Stormo AW101 611 MM81869

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