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  • italy Aeroporto "Francesco Baracca" Casarsa Della Delizia

    San Vito al Tagliamento, Friuli-Venezia Giulia



    Satellite and aerial maps of Casarsa with nearby locations

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    13.3286 La Comina Pordenone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    18.0080LIPI Rivolto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    19.3296LIPA Aviano, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    29.7072LIPD Campoformido, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    37.0031LIKH AVRO Aviosuperficie, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    38.2269 San Giacomo di Veglia, Veneto

    1956 to present

    45° 57' 10.08'' N - 12° 49' 8.04'' E
    Casarsa Della Delizia
    Elevation: 110 feet

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    List of units at Casarsa

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1998/    27 GrSqdNH90 TTH 2017/   
    A129 Mangusta 2007/13
    AB205 1998/20
    AB206 1976/   
    1998/    RigelNH90 TTH 2017/   
    A129 Mangusta 2012/   
    A129 Mangusta 1990/   
    AB205 1976/20
    1996/98VegaA129 Mangusta 1990/   
    NH90 TTH
    1976/96RigelA129 Mangusta 1990/   
    AB205 1976/20
    1976/    49 GrSqNH90 TTH 2017/   
    A129 Mangusta 2003/   
    A129 Mangusta 1992/   
    A109 1985/   
    AB206 1976/   
    1976/9255 GrSqdAB204B

    List of aircraft and events at Casarsa

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    By Date | By Serial

    1969 AVES AB205A MM80442
    1970 AVES AB205A-1 MM80706
    1996-jul-17 49 GrSq /E.I.471 AB412 MM81362
    1996-jul-17 AVES AB412 MM81360
    1996-jul-17 49 GrSq /E.I.469 AB412 MM81360
    1996-jul-17 49 GrSq /E.I.459 AB412 MM81259
    1998-dec 49 GrSq AB205A-1 MM80554
    1999-dec Rigel AB205A-1 MM80552
    2000-dec AVES AB205A-1 MM80555
    2006 49 GrSq /EI-939 A129C MM81409
    2006 49 GrSq /EI-939 A129C MM81409
    2006 Rigel AB205A-1 MM80559
    2006-feb-18 AB205A-1 MM80692 / EI-321
    2008-mar-26 AB205A-1 MM80531
    2008-mar-26 AB205A-1 MM80560
    2008-may-17 AB205A-1 MM80554 / EI-302
    2008-may-18 AVES AB412 MM81359
    2009-jan Rigel A129C MM81328
    2009-mar-26 A129C MM81392 / EI-922
    2009-mar-26 AB205A-1 MM80531 / EI-279
    2009-mar-26 AB205A-1 MM80534 / EI-282
    2009-mar-26 AB205A-1 MM80560 / EI-308
    2009-mar-26 AB212ICO MM81157
    2009-mar-26 AMI AB212ICO MM81157
    2013-jan-10 AB205A-1 MM80560
    2013-jun-23 Rigel AB205A-1 MM80694
    2013-jun-23 Rigel AB205A-1 MM80722
    2013-jun-23 Rigel AB205A-1 MM80531
    2013-jun-23 Rigel AB205A-1 MM80534
    2013-jun-26 AVES A129C MM81330
    2013-jun-26 Rigel A129C MM81392
    2013-jun-26 Rigel A129C MM81415
    2013-jun-26 Rigel A129CBT MM81435
    2013-jun-27 Rigel AB205A-1 MM80560
    2013-sep-19 TTH MM81540 / E.I.223
    2016-may-31 49 GrSq A129C MM81333
    2016-may-31 27 GrSqd AB205A-1 MM80534
    2016-may-31 25 GrSqd TTH MM81550
    2016-may-31 25 GrSqd TTH MM81547
    2017-mar-29 Rigel TTH MM81540
    2017-mar-29 AVES TTH MM81546
    2017-mar-29 25 GrSqd TTH MM81553
    2017-jun-15 27 GrSqd TTH MM81554
    2017-jun-24 Rigel TTH MM81545
    2017-dec-07 27 GrSqd TTH MM81555
    2017-dec-20 49 GrSq /E.I.950 A129C MM81420
    2017-dec-20 Rigel AB205A-1 MM80724
    2017-dec-20 Rigel AB205A-1 MM80548
    2018-jun-12 AVES ICH-47F MM81789
    2018-jul-12 AVES AB205A-1 MM80531
    2018-jul-14 AVES TTH MM81555
    2018-nov-21 Rigel AB205A-1 MM80724
    2018-dec-21 Rigel AB205A-1 MM80548
    2020-jan-20 Rigel /E.I. 237 TTH MM81554
    2020-feb 27 GrSqd /E. I. 349 AB205A-1 MM80720
    2020-jun-13 27 GrSqd TTH MM81563
    2020-sep-30 AVES TTH MM81526
    2020-sep-30 AVES TTH MM81550
    2020-sep-30 AVES TTH MM81551
    2020-sep-30 AVES TTH MM81565
    2020-oct-02 Rigel /E.I.949 A129C MM81419
    2020-oct-02 Rigel /E.I.232 TTH MM81549
    2021-mar-04 AVES ICH-47F MM81793

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