Agusta AB206
italy Aviazione dell'Esercito

Italian Army Aviation

Del'd: 150 - 1969 to present

Aviazione dell'Esercito AB206

Elicottero da supporto al combattimento (ESC-1) (Combat Support Helicopter)
16 AB206A 1969-1995
134 AB206A-1 1971-present

Many upgraded to AB206A-2 type

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1976/    27 GrSqd Casarsa
1976/    49 GrSq Casarsa
25 GrSqd Rimini Miramare Federico Fellini
San Giacomo di Veglia

List of Aircraft

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    8156 ab206a     MM80562: Esercito E.I.501. ESC-1 type. to civ as N43570
    8195 ab206a     MM80563: Esercito E.I.502
    8196 ab206a     MM80564: Esercito E.I.503
    8198 ab206a     MM80565: Esercito E.I.504
    9001 ab206c-1     MM80578: Esercito E.I.517; 1997 type:AB206C-1/ERI-3 53GrSqd.
    9003 ab206c-1     MM80580: Esercito E.I.519; toward Albania 602
Albanian Air Force 602: Albania, ex MM80580
    9021 ab206c-1     MM80591: /EI-530, visited RAF Dishforth 28 Jul 1999
    9026 ab206c-1     MM80596: Esercito E.I.535; 1997 type:AB206C-1/ERI-3 48GrSqd.; toward +
Albanian Air Force 606: Albania, ex MM80596
    9031 ab206c-1     MM80601: Esercito E.I.540; toward Albania 605
Albanian Air Force 605: Albania, ex MM80601
    9044 ab206c-1     MM80612: Esercito E.I.551; toward Albania 601
Albanian Air Force 601: Albania, ex MM80612
    9058     MM80620: Esercito E.I. 559 Gate Guardian (w/o) preserved on base at t+
    9077 ab206c-1     MM80632: Esercito E.I.571; 1997 type:AB206C-1/ERI-3 53GrSqd.
    9120 ab206c-1     MM80642: Esercito E.I.581; toward Albania 603
Albanian Air Force 603: Albania, ex MM80642
    9128 ab206c-1     MM80645: E.I.584 20°GrSq AvEs
    9097 ab206c-1     MM80864: Esercito E.I.596; 1997 type:AB206C-1/ERI-3 48GrSqd.
    9122 ab206c-1     MM80883: Esercito E.I.615; toward Albania 607
Albanian Air Force 607: Albania, ex MM80883
    9123 ab206c-1     MM80884: Esercito E.I.616; 1997 type:AB206C-1/ERI-3 48GrSqd.
    9130     MM80888: E. I. 620; w/o 23jan14. Two fatalities
    9138 ab206c-1     MM80896: Esercito E.I.628; toward Albania 604
Albanian Air Force 604: Albania, ex MM80896
    9140 ab206c-1     MM80898: Esercito E.I.630; 1997 type:AB206C-1/ERI-3 48GrSqd.
    9145 ab206c-1     MM80900: Esercito E.I.632; 1997 type:AB206C-1/ERI-3 53GrSqd.
    9157 ab206c-1     MM80903: E.I.635 ERI-3 25 Gr. Cigno
    9163 ab206c-1     MM80909: /EI-641, visited RAF Dishforth 28 Jul 1999
    9169 ab206c-1     MM80915: Esercito E.I.647; 1997 type:AB206C-1/ERI-3 53GrSqd.
    9172 ab206c-1     MM80918: EI 650 Jet Ranger II 27 Gruppo Squadroni ALE Mercurio

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