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    List of Helicopter Operators

    Military Forces
    Al Quwwa al Jawwiya al Iraqiya

    Iraqui Government
    Kurdistan Regional Government

    Al-Burhan Airways

    Aircraft Prefix


    Helicopter Operations

    2014 Opération Chammal
    2003 SFIR (stabilisation force Iraq)
    2003 Operation Telic
    2003 Operation Falconer
    1991 Operation Haven
    1990 Operation Desert Shield/Storm

    Iraq News

    08-Dec-20 - Spanish Helicopters at Al Asad Airbase #Toro
    06-Jan-20 - Marines Reinforced US Embassy in Baghdad
    26-Dec-18 - Spain’ Army Helicopters First Rotation in Iraq #TaskForceToro
    17-Jul-18 - Osprey in Iraq and Syria with the CTJF-OIR #deployment
    29-Apr-18 - Spanish Army Helicopters Deployed to Iraq
    02-Aug-17 - Italian Task Group Griffon in Iraq
    28-Jun-17 - Fourth and Final EC145 to Iraq Ministry of Oil
    18-Apr-17 - Canadian Griffons from 408 Squadron to Iraq
    19-May-16 - Canada Expands Contribution Against ISIL
    25-Feb-15 - Sixteen Bell 407GXs Delivered to Middle East
        More News ...

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