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    Pisa, Toscana



    Satellite and aerial maps of Pisa San Giusto with nearby locations

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    16.2201 Ospedale Livorno, Toscana
    17.5207 Livorno, Toscana
    17.6206 Cantiere navale Fratelli Orlando, Toscana
    18.0099LIAT Capannoli Valdera, Toscana
    21.5042LIQL Lucca Tassignano, Toscana
    39.1328LILQ Cinquale, Toscana

    43° 41' 8'' N - 10° 23' 51.05'' E
    South of Pisa
    Elevation: 6 feet

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    List of units at Pisa San Giusto

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1973/    4 NEAB206 ??/11
    1966/    26 GrSqdAB204 1976/   
    AB206 1975/   
    AB205 1966/   
    CH-47C Chinook
    NH90 TTH
    1958/    Nucleo Elicotteri Pisa (GdiF)AB412 2007/   
    A109 2000/   
    NH500 1975/   
    AB47J 1961/??


    01-apr-78UNIFIL / NorAir / ItalAir

    List of aircraft and events at Pisa San Giusto

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    By Date | By Serial

    1966 Antares /E.I.249 AB205A MM80439
    1966 26 GrSqd /E.I.250 AB205A MM80440
    1966 26 GrSqd /E.I.251 AB205A MM80441
    1976-jan-01 26 GrSqd AB204B MM80284
    1976-jan-01 26 GrSqd AB204B MM80322
    1979 UN AB204B UN-231
    1992-feb-27 AVES AB205A-1 MM80713
    1992-feb-27 AVES AB205A-1 MM80556
    1996-jul-17 26 GrSqd /E.I.471 AB412 MM81362
    1996-jul-17 26 GrSqd /E.I.469 AB412 MM81360
    1996-jul-17 26 GrSqd /E.I.459 AB412 MM81259
    2004-jun-20 AB412 I-VFOE / VF-53
    2004-aug-26 AB212ICO MM81210 / 4-65
    2008-jul-27 AS-61R MM80976 / 15-03
    2010-dec-16 4 NE /CC-07 AB412HP MM81513
    2010-dec-16 4 NE /CC-10 AB412HP MM81514
    2010-dec-16 4 NE /CC-22 AB412SP MM81436
    2011-mar-18 AB412HP MM81465 / GdiF-213
    2011-jun-06 CH-53G 85+12
    2012 Polizia di Stato A109A-II MM80748
    2012-jun-10 AW109SP HB-ZTB
    2013-dec-08 ICH-47F CSX81778
    2013-dec-12 AMI AW139 MM81811
    2014-jan-08 USAF CV-22B 11-0058
    2014-may-16 AVES TTH MM81527
    2014-jun-24 AS332M1 2377
    2014-jun-30 AMI AW139M MM81805 / 15-49
    2014-jul-22 AVES AB412 MM81262 / EI-462
    2014-oct-28 AMI AW139M MM81804 / 15-48
    2016 AVES TTH MM81549
    2016-mar-18 AVES TTH MM81548
    2016-apr-15 AVES AB412 MM81361 / EI-470
    2016-apr-15 AVES AB412 MM81198
    2016-oct-10 RAF CH-47D ZA680
    2016-oct-18 Air Corporate H145 MB I-LRCT
    2017-jun-23 Air Corporate H145 MB I-LRCT
    2017-dec-15 Carabinieri AB412HP MM81513
    2018-sep-26 AVES ICH-47F MM81792
    2019-jan-02 4 NE AB412HP MM81462
    2019-jun-24 AVES ICH-47F MM81793
    2020-mar-22 INAER Italia AW139 I-TOMS
    2020-jul-06 AVES TTH MM81560
    2020-aug-26 Heli Securite EC135T3 F-HYLE
    2020-sep-18 1ยบ SVE AW139 MM81741
    2021-feb-06 Carabinieri AW139 MM81968
    2021-apr-17 A109E D-HABM

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