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Number 6 defines the Squadriglia Collegamenti ( liason flight ) in every Stormo (wing) of the Italian Air Force. e.g. 651^ Squadriglia is the liason flight for 51° Stormo at Istrana


Seven Ansat for Far North’ Polar Airlines, 02-Sep-19 : #FarNorth Polar Airlines ordered 7 Ansat helicopter during MAKS 2019 to be delivered from 2021 for operations in the Russian Far North beyond the Arctic Circle

Italian Special Forces FIT 19-1 Exercise, 30-Mar-19 : #SpecialForces Helicopter squadrons from the Italian Armed Forces participated in the 10th Special Forces Annual Exercise FIT (Force Integration Training). This year edition was hosted by the Navy at Grottaglie and participated CH-47F Chinook, NH90, HH-101 Caesar and HH-212

Night Aerial Refueling Capability for Italian HH-101, 21-Sep-18 : #AerialRefueling The Italian Air Force is the first in Europe to achieve certification for helicopter night aerial refueling in a completely autonomous way using their HH-101 with the KC-130J Hercules tanker

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List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    9° Stormo - Air Wing 9th         21 Gr,1934 --
    15° Stormo - Air Wing 15th         84 centro c/sar,83 ce,85 ce,81 CAE,82 ce,615 SC,80 ce,23 Gr,1931 --
    72° Stormo (Scuola Volo Elicotteri) - Air Wing 72 (Helicopter Flight School)         208 G,1953 --
    93 Gruppo - Air Group 93 ? --
    209 Gruppo - Air Group 209 1957 --
    423 Squadriglia - 423 Flight 423 SC? --
    603 Squadriglia Collegamenti e Soccorso - 603d Liason and Rescue Flight 603 SC1983 1995
    604 Squadriglia Collegamenti e Soccorso - 604th Liason and Rescue Flight 604 SC1940 2009
    609 Squadriglia Collegamenti e Soccorso - 609th Liason and Rescue Flight 609 SC? --
    651 Squadriglia Collegamenti e Soccorso - 615th Liason and Rescue Flight 651 SC1981 --
    653 Squadriglia Collegamenti e Soccorso - 653rd Liason and Rescue Flight 653 SC1969 1988
    Missione Italiana di Assistenza Tecnico Militare - Italian Mission for Military Technical Assistance MIATM1988 2011
    Missione Italiana di Collaborazione nel Campo della Difesa - Italian Mission for Collaboration in the Field of Defence MICCD2011 --

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   Cervia83 centro c/sar 2010/   
81 CAE 2010/   
15° Stormo 2010/   
615 SC 2010/   
23 Gruppo 2018/   
   Decimomannu80 centro c/sar 2013/   
670 Squadriglia 1967/   
   Frosinone 72° Stormo (Scuola Volo Elicotteri) 1955/   
208 Gruppo 1957/   
   Gioia del Colle84 centro c/sar 2012/   
   Grazzanise21 Gruppo 2006/   
9° Stormo 1967/   
   Grosseto604 SC
   Istrana651 SC 1981/   
   MT LuqaMICCD 2011/   
   Pratica di Mare85 centro c/sar 1997/   
   Rome Ciampino93 Gruppo
   Rome Guidonia423 SC
   Trapani Birgi82 centro c/sar 1982/   

Model Types

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  AW HH-101A Caesar 62014
  AW AW139M 2012
  Breda Nardi NH500521987
  Agusta AB212361979
  Agusta AS-613719772014
  Silvercraft SH-421968??
  Agusta AB2044319611984
  Sikorsky S-55 H-1961958??
  Agusta AB4719551990
  Bell 4741953??
  Westland Dragonfly 1A31953??

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