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    italy Aeronautica Militare Italiana

    Italian Air Force

    Del'd: 37 - 1977 to 2014


    Aeronautica Militare Italiana AS-61

    35 AS-61R (basically HH-3F) airframes delivered from 1977. First 20, batch Alpha, for national territory search and rescue (SAR) duties. Last 15, batch Bravo received from 1995 configured for Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) with additonal avionics and protection. 24 units have been upgraded from 2006 as batch Charlie with new avionics in order to remain in service until replacement with AW139 / AW149 around 2015. Two additional AS-61 in VIP configuration for 93 Gruppo.

    A farewell ceremony was held on Sept.26 2014 at Pratica di Mare. 185,000 flying hours and 7,000 lives were saved both in Italy and abroad during 37 years of service.

    Last flight performed by MM81337 15-25.

    On October 2015, 20 airframes were offered for sale by auction

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1982/1482 centro c/sar Trapani Birgi
    1980/1483 centro c/sar Cervia
    Rimini Miramare Federico Fellini
    1977/1481 CAE Cervia
    Pratica di Mare
    1977/1485 centro c/sar Pratica di Mare
    Rome Ciampino
    1977/1415° Stormo Cervia
    Pratica di Mare
    Rome Ciampino
    1977/1431 Stormo Rome Ciampino
    ??/1484 centro c/sar Gioia del Colle
    Brindisi Casale

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