italy 15° Stormo c/sar

Aeronautica Militare Italiana

Air Wing 15th
Italian Air Force

1931 to present    


  • 15 stormo hh101
  • ami 15 stormoAB212 supporting firefighters

15th Wing provides disaster relief and Search and Rescue (SAR) for the civilian population in the national territory and territorial waters. In recent years it was also engaged in international humanitarian missions: Somalia, Albania, Kosovo and Iraq, to name the most important. Most recently acquired Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) capacity with the introduction of the Caesar and is also involved in Slow Movers Interception air-air missions to escort unidentified slow aircraft

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615 Squadriglia Collegamenti
80 centro c/sar
└━ 670 Squadriglia
81 Centro Addestramento Equipaggi
82 centro c/sar
83 centro c/sar
84 centro c/sar
85 centro c/sar

News of 15° Stormo c/sar

Italian Red Cross Flight Nurse Course on HH-139A, 25-May-17 : Italian air force held the second course of flight nurses for 25 volunteers of the Italian Red Cross


2010/    CerviaLIPC
1999/10Pratica di MareLIRE
1965/99Rome CiampinoLIRA


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2015/    HH-101A Caesar
2012/    AW139M
1987/    NH500
1986/    ab212
1965/?? ab47     AB47J
1965/84 ab204     ab204b
1965/?? ab47     AB47J-3


04-sep-1708-sep-17 Grifone 2017
17-mar-1717-mar-17 CaSTA (Skiyng Alpin troups campionship) tecnical

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