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  • italy Pratica di Mare Base Aerea Mario De Bernardi

    Pomezia, Lazio



    Satellite and aerial maps of Pratica di Mare with nearby locations

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    20.2038LIRA Rome Ciampino, Lazio
    23.4312LIRF Rome Fiumicino, Lazio
    25.7022LIRC Centocelle, Lazio
    27.2000 Vatican City Heliport,
    30.8357 Policlinico Gemelli, Lazio
    33.1008LIRU Urbe, Lazio

    1937 to present

    41° 39' 27.32'' N - 12° 26' 44.35'' E
    3mile W of Pomezia
    Elevation: 41 feet

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    List of units at Pratica di Mare

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1999/1015° StormoNH500 1987/   
    AB212 1986/   
    AS-61 1977/14
    1997/    85 centro c/sarAW139M 2014/   
    AS-61 1977/14
    1997/10615 SCNH500 2010/   
    1988/    CASVAW139 2013/   
    AB206 1988/   
    1971/    1 RVAW139 2013/   
    AW109 2008/   
    A109 1979/   
    AB212 1976/   
    AB206 1972/   
    1967/    Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF)AW169M 2020/   
    AW109 2011/   
    AW139 2009/   
    A109 1987/   
    NH500 1973/   
    AB47J 1967/73
    ??/1081 CAEAS-61 1977/14
    Reparto AddestramentoA109
    Reparto ElicotteriA109E Power 2000/   

    List of aircraft and events at Pratica di Mare

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    By Date | By Serial

    1973 Carabinieri AB206C-1 MM80919
    1973 Carabinieri AB47G-3B MM80485
    1974-sep Carabinieri AB206C-1 MM80927
    1976 AMI AB204B MM80279
    1978-may-18 72° Stormo (Scuola Volo Elicotteri) /SE-55 AB204B MM80352
    1994-jun-17 1 RV /PS-001 AB204B MM80353
    1994-jun-29 ASH-3D MM5010N / 6-08
    1998-may-01 AB412HP MM81444 / GdiF-202
    1998-may-23 Guardia Costiera AB412SP MM81382 / 9-01
    1998-may-23 AS-61R MM80984 / 15-13
    1998-may-24 Agusta Spa EH101 I-LIOI
    1998-may-28 AMI AB212ICO MM81155
    1998-jun-01 AS332M1 T-320
    2004-may-01 MI-17 704
    2004-may-18 A109E MM81497 / CC-98
    2004-may-29 AB139 I-ROCS
    2004-may-29 AS-61R MM80984 / 15-13
    2004-may-29 MK112 MM81489 / 2-10
    2004-may-30 A109A-II MM81468 / GdiF-145
    2005-aug-30 A109A MM80744 / PS-44
    2006-jun-01 AS-61R MM80976 / 15-03
    2006-sep-16 mi-24p 335
    2006-sep-17 Polizia di Stato A109A-II MM81645
    2006-sep-17 AMI AB212ICO MM81150
    2006-sep-17 AB47J-3 MM80294 / CC-1
    2006-sep-17 CH-47C MM81459 / EI-838
    2006-sep-17 AVES CH-47C MM81459
    2006-sep-17 MK413 MM81634 / 2-19
    2006-sep-17 NH500MD MM81140 / GdiF-120
    2007-may-26 AB47J-3 MM80294 / CC-1
    2007-may-26 AS-61R MM81343 / 15-31
    2007-may-26 AW609 N609AG
    2007-may-26 MK410 MM81493 / 2-14
    2007-may-26 NH500E MM81277 / 72-14
    2007-may-27 AS-61R MM81349 / 15-37
    2007-may-27 AVES TTH MM81520
    2007-may-28 A109E MM81497 / CC-98
    2007-may-28 81 CAE AB212 MM81144
    2007-may-28 AB212 MM81164 / 51-70
    2007-sep 30 anni15° Stormo AS-61R MM80975
    2007-oct-25 AB212ICO MM81157
    2007-oct-25 AS-61R MM81342 / 15-30
    2007-oct-25 AS-61R MM81345 / 15-33
    2008 AVES CH-47C MM81441
    2008-jan-01 AS-61R MM80975 / 15-02
    2008-feb-27 AS-61R MM81346 / 15-34
    2008-may AMI AS-61R MM81351
    2008-may AMI AS-61R MM81338
    2008-may AMI NH500E MM81307
    2008-may-22 AS-61 MM80972
    2008-may-23 AB212ICO MM81375 / 4-67
    2008-may-23 AB47J-3 MM80294 / CC-1
    2008-may-23 AS-61R MM81350 / 15-38
    2008-may-23 CH-47C MM81441 / EI-836
    2008-may-23 NH500MD MM81064 / GdiF-106
    2008-may-23 SA316B M-1 / OT-ZPA
    2008-may-23 TTH MM81519 / EI-202
    2008-may-24 AB212 MM81164 / 51-70
    2008-may-24 Guardia di Finanza AB412HP MM81446
    2008-may-24 MK48 RS05
    2008-may-25 Polizia di Stato A109A MM80744
    2008-may-25 AB212ICO MM81161
    2008-may-25 AB412HP MM81463
    2008-may-25 AMI AS-61 MM80972
    2008-may-25 15° Stormo AS-61R MM81350
    2008-may-25 mi-24p 335
    2008-may-25 Marina Militare Italiana MK110 MM81485
    2008-may-25 MK413 MM81636 / 2-21
    2008-may-25 TTH MM81520 / EI-203
    2008-sep-09 AB212ICO MM81159
    2009-jan-06 AS-61R MM80992 / 15-23
    2009-jul-07 MK413 MM81635
    2009-jul-09 MK410 MM81492 / 2-13
    2009-jul-09 MK410 MM81493 / 2-14
    2009-nov-04 AB212ICO MM81153
    2009-nov-04 NH500E MM81311 / 72-48
    2009-nov-12 AS-61R MM80992 / 15-23
    2010 Reparto Elicotteri /CC-35 AB412HP MM81479
    2010-jan-06 AS-61R MM81348 / 15-36
    2010-jan-06 15° Stormo AS-61R MM81348
    2010-jan-06 AW109N MM81690 / GF-309
    2010-apr-15 AS-61R MM81350 / 15-38
    2010-aug-19 AS-61R MM80992 / 15-23
    2010-sep-10 Carabinieri AB412SP MM81437
    2010-sep-10 AS-61R MM81345 / 15-33
    2010-sep-10 NH500MD MM81352
    2010-nov-08 MK413 MM81635
    2010-nov-10 AS-61R MM80992 / 15-23
    2010-nov-26 Marina Militare Italiana MK110 MM81719
    2011-jan-06 AS-61R MM81349 / 15-37
    2011-jan-27 AS-61 MM80973
    2011-feb-02 AS-61R MM81348 / 15-36
    2011-feb-02 15° Stormo /15-36 AS-61R MM81348
    2011-feb-08 A109A MM81108 / CC-90
    2011-feb-08 AB206B-1 MM81047 / CC-83
    2011-feb-08 AB412HP MM81463 / CC-29
    2011-may-26 AB212ICO MM81148
    2011-sep 85 centro c/sar AB47J MM80157
    2012 Guardia di Finanza A109A-II MM81334
    2012-mar-13 Protezione Civile AW139 I-DPCA
    2012-jun-03 A109BA H27
    2012-sep-25 AMI AW139 MM81812
    2012-nov-02 Carabinieri AB412HP MM81461
    2012-nov-02 Carabinieri AB412SP MM81381
    2013-aug-01 Polizia di Stato AW139 MM81815 / PS-109
    2013-oct-12 AMI AB47G-2 MM80476
    2013-oct-12 AMI AW139M MM81801 / 15-45
    2013-oct-13 AMI AW139M MM81805
    2014-jun-11 AB212ICO MM81160
    2014-jun-20 AMI AB212ICO MM81157
    2014-sep-24 AMI AS-61R MM81337
    2014-sep-26 Farewell ceremonyAMI AS-61R MM80986
    2015-apr-09 AMI AW139 MM81812
    2015-may-12 Polizia di Stato AW139 MM81839
    2015-jun-17 1º SVE AB412SP MM81384
    2015-oct AMI AS-61R MM81342
    2015-oct AMI AS-61R MM81344
    2015-oct AMI AS-61R MM80976
    2015-oct AMI AS-61R MM80977
    2015-oct AMI AS-61R MM81345
    2015-oct AMI AS-61R MM81350
    2015-oct AMI AS-61R MM80979
    2016 Polizia di Stato AW139 MM81838
    2016-apr AMI AS-61R MM80986
    2016-apr AMI AS-61R MM81343
    2016-apr-15 Guardia di Finanza A109A-II MM81220
    2016-apr-15 Guardia di Finanza A109C MM81469
    2016-aug-23 15° Stormo /15-04 AW101 611 MM81867
    2017-may-31 AMI AW101 611 MM81868
    2017-dec-18 AMI AW101 611 MM81866
    2018-jun-01 AVES ICH-47F MM81789
    2018-jul AMI AS-61R MM81349
    2018-jul AMI AS-61R MM80974
    2018-jul AMI AS-61R MM81348
    2018-jul AMI AS-61R MM80982
    2018-jul AMI AS-61R MM81347
    2018-aug-17 1 RV AW139 MM81815
    2018-sep-16 Polizia di Stato AW139 MM81818
    2018-oct-10 Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF) AB412HP MM81453
    2018-oct-10 Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF) AW109N MM81703
    2018-oct-10 Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF) AW109N MM81703
    2018-oct-18 Vigili del Fuoco CH-54B I-CFAG
    2018-dec-26 Guardia di Finanza NH500M MM80848
    2018-dec-31 Polizia di Stato AW139 MM81838
    2019-jan-14 85 centro c/sar AW139M MM81822
    2019-may-07 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81625
    2019-jun-04 AMI AW101 611 MM81864
    2019-jun-06 Guardia di Finanza AW139 MM81954
    2019-oct-02 Guardia di Finanza AW139 MM81956
    2019-dec AMI AS-61R MM80991
    2019-dec-17 Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF) AW139 MM81961
    2020-jan-20 85 centro c/sar AW139M MM81799
    2020-feb-03 Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF) /GF-502 AW169M MM81965
    2020-feb-19 Guardia di Finanza AW169M MM81962
    2020-feb-25 Guardia di Finanza AB412HP MM81443
    2020-feb-25 85 centro c/sar AW139M MM81822
    2020-mar-09 Reparto Elicotteri AW139 MM81968
    2020-mar-25 1 RV AW139 MM81838
    2020-apr-01 Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF) AW139 MM81964
    2020-apr-01 Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF) /VOLPE00 AW169M MM81962
    2020-apr-02 Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF) AW169M MM81965
    2020-apr-05 85 centro c/sar AW139M MM81805
    2020-jul-09 Carabinieri AW139 MM81967
    2020-jul-15 Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF) AW139 MM81714
    2020-sep-07 Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF) /GF-502 AW169M MM81965
    2020-sep-24 15° Stormo AW101 611 MM81868
    2020-oct-21 AMI AW101 611 MM81868
    2020-nov-03 Guardia Costiera AB412HP MM81511
    2021-feb-02 Guardia di Finanza AW169M MM82000
    2021-feb-08 Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF) AW139 MM81996
    2021-feb-25 AMI AW101 611 MM81873
    2021-mar-01 AMI AW139M MM81991
    2021-mar-04 AMI AW139M MM81991
    2021-mar-19 AMI AW139M MM81991
    2021-mar-20 AMI AW101 611 MM81875

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