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  • italy Vigili del Fuoco

    Italian Firefighters

    vigili del fuoco

    The Corpo Nazionale dei Vigili del Fuoco is part of the Ministry of Interior and is in charge of firefighting, public aid and civil defense in general. It was the first italian government organisation, after the air force, to used helicopters.


    First S-64 Skycrane Simulator in Europe, 11-Oct-22 : #Skycrane Entrol new S-64 helicopter simulator installed at the Heli Protection Europe srl Training Center in Rieti, Italy

    More Erickson S-64 Air Crane Ordered, 11-Jan-20 : #firefighting Korea Forest Service (ninth for KFS) and the Italian firefighters (two for VdF) ordered the S-64F heavy lift helicopters

    Italian Firefighters Orders Five More AW139, 18-Jun-19 : Paris Air Show 2019 Italian firefighters Corps, Vigili del Fuoco, confirmed other five AW139 helicopters in addition of the 3 ordered early this year in order to replace the AB412 fleet. As of today, 61 AW139s are flying with different Italian government agencies

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    List of Helicopter Operators

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    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        Nucleo Elicotteri Arezzo (CNVF) - Arezzo Firefighters 1970 --
        Nucleo Elicotteri Bari (CNVF) - Bari Firefighters 1985 --
        Nucleo Elicotteri Catania (CNVF) - Catania Firefighters 1982 --
        Nucleo Elicotteri Genova (CNVF) - Genoa Firefighters 1955 --
        Nucleo Elicotteri Milano (CNVF) - Milan Firefighters 1955 --
        Nucleo Elicotteri Modena (CNVF) - Modena Firefighters 1954 --
        Nucleo Elicotteri Napoli (CNVF) - Naples Firefighters 1955 --
        Nucleo Elicotteri Pescara (CNVF) - Pescara Firefighters 1968 --
        Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (CNVF) - Roma Firefighters 1955 --
        Nucleo Elicotteri Salerno (CNVF) - Salerno Firefighters 1984 --
        Nucleo Elicotteri Sassari (CNVF) - Sassari Firefighters 1972 --
        Nucleo Elicotteri Torino (CNVF) - Turin Firefighters 1985 --
        Nucleo Elicotteri Trento (CNVF) - Trento Firefighters 1958 --
        Nucleo Elicotteri Venezia (CNVF) - Venice Firefighters 1968 --

    Bases and Locations

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    Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
       Aeroporto di AlgheroNucleo Elicotteri Sassari (CNVF) 1972/   
       Aeroporto di ArezzoNucleo Elicotteri Arezzo (CNVF) 1970/   
       Bari - PaleseNucleo Elicotteri Bari (CNVF) 1985/   
       BolognaNucleo Elicotteri Modena (CNVF) 1992/   
       Catania Nucleo Elicotteri Catania (CNVF) 1982/   
       GenoaNucleo Elicotteri Genova (CNVF) 1955/   
       MattarelloNucleo Elicotteri Trento (CNVF) 1958/   
       Milano MalpensaNucleo Elicotteri Milano (CNVF) 1962/   
       PescaraNucleo Elicotteri Pescara (CNVF) 1968/   
       Rome CiampinoNucleo Elicotteri Roma (CNVF) 1963/   
       Salerno PontecagnanoNucleo Elicotteri Salerno (CNVF) 1984/   
       Torino CaselleNucleo Elicotteri Torino (CNVF) 1988/   
       Venezia TesseraNucleo Elicotteri Venezia (CNVF) 1968/   

    Model Types

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      Sikorsky S-64 CH-54 2016
      AW AW1392011
      AW AW109 2003
      Agusta AB204151986??
      Agusta AB412 351984
      Agusta AB20541971??
      Agusta AB206191968
      Agusta AB47151954??

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