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    Bologna, Emilia-Romagna



    Satellite and aerial maps of Bologna with nearby locations

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    3.7149 Bologna Hospital, Emilia-Romagna
    21.2109 Aviosuperficie di Ozzano, Emilia-Romagna
    32.7029LIVK Base aerea di Poggio Renatico, Emilia-Romagna
    33.0292 Eliporto Vigili del Fuoco Modena, Emilia-Romagna
    39.5286LIPM Modena Marzaglia, Emilia-Romagna
    40.0122 Imola Circuit Heliport, Emilia-Romagna

    44° 32' 7.44'' N - 11° 17' 19.32'' E

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    List of units at Bologna

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1992/    Nucleo Elicotteri Modena (CNVF) AW139
    1974/    3 RVAB212



    List of aircraft and events at Bologna

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    By Date | By Serial

    2005 AVES AB204B MM80324
    2008-feb-13 AW109S I-FACM
    2009-feb-16 AB212 PS-101
    2009-aug-31 MK413 MM81635 / 2-20
    2010-oct-20 AB212 MM81649 / PS-81
    2011-feb-05 AW109S I-FACM
    2011-mar-23 TTH MM81522 / EI-205
    2011-apr-18 Guardia Costiera AB412SP MM81385
    2011-may-05 AB205A-1 MM80560 / EI-308
    2011-jul-17 AB412 I-VFOC / VF-51
    2012-jan-26 AW109S I-BUFC
    2012-may-04 AW109S I-FACM
    2012-aug-18 AVES TTH MM81531
    2012-dec-03 AB206B I-VFAC / VF-16
    2013-feb-06 AW109S I-FACM
    2014-dec-11 Nucleo Elicotteri Modena (CNVF) /VF-16 AB206B I-VFAC
    2014-dec-11 Nucleo Elicotteri Modena (CNVF) /VF-51 AB412 I-VFOC
    2014-dec-11 AMI AW139M MM81798 / 15-42
    2014-dec-11 INAER Italia EC145 I-EITG
    2015-mar-06 Skymedia AG AW139 T7-LSS
    2017-may AB47J-3 I-MAMA
    2017-may-19 AVES TTH MM81529
    2018-mar-24 AW109S I-FACM
    2019-feb-23 AVES ICH-47F MM81793
    2019-dec Vigili del Fuoco AW139 VF-142
    2019-dec-24 3 RV AB206A-1 PS-39
    2020 AVES AB205A MM80441
    2020-apr-08 Nucleo Elicotteri Modena (CNVF) AW139 VF-142
    2020-apr-27 Vega /E.I. 233 TTH MM81550
    2020-sep Nucleo Elicotteri Modena (CNVF) AW139 VF-147

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