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  • italy Abruzzo International Airport

    Pescara, Abruzzo



    Satellite and aerial maps of Pescara with nearby locations

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    57.1333 Aviosuperficie Tronto, Marche
    72.0265LIAP LAquila Preturo, Abruzzo
    91.9046 Adriatic Sea,
    104.8269 Hospital San Camillo de Lellis, Lazio
    105.4157 Gnatologo Campobasso Vazzieri, Molise
    109.4270LIQN Rieti, Lazio

    42° 25' 52.31'' N - 14° 10' 58.80'' E

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    List of units at Pescara

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    2016/    5 NEAB206 ??/11
    2016/    3° SVEAW139 2016/   
    1998/    11 RVA109 1998/   
    AB206 1998/   
    1990/    3º NACAW139 2016/   
    1968/    Nucleo Elicotteri Pescara (CNVF)AB206
    1960/    Nucleo Elicotteri Pescara (GdiF)A109 2011/   
    NH500 1983/   
    AB47J 1960/83

    List of aircraft and events at Pescara

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    By Date | By Serial

    2006 27 GrSqd /E.I.870 A109CM MM81247
    2008-jul-19 Guardia Costiera AB412HP MM81474 / 9-06
    2008-jul-19 Guardia Costiera AB412HP MM81511 / 9-09
    2011-jul-20 Nucleo Elicotteri Pescara (CNVF) AB412EP I-VFPA
    2013-feb-19 AB412 CFS14SJ
    2014-feb-25 AMI AW139 MM81811
    2014-may Polizia di Stato AB206B-3 PS-75
    2014-aug AMI AW139M MM81802
    2014-sep-08 Polizia di Stato A109A-II MM80748
    2015-mar-19 Nucleo Elicotteri Pescara (CNVF) /VF-50 AB412 I-VFOB
    2016-jan 3º NAC AW139 MM81892
    2016-aug-11 AMI AW101 611 MM81867
    2016-aug-21 AMI AW101 611 MM81867
    2016-aug-27 Pakistan Army Aviation AW139M 16-062
    2016-sep-26 Guardia Costiera AW139 MM81892
    2016-oct-31 3° SVE /9-05 AB412HP MM81473
    2017-jan-23 Nucleo Elicotteri Pescara (GdiF) AW139 MM81714
    2017-jan-27 AMI AW101 611 MM81864
    2017-feb-12 AMI AB212 MM81144
    2017-feb-13 Guardia Costiera AW139 MM81911
    2017-mar-31 Nucleo Elicotteri Pescara (GdiF) AW139 MM81714
    2017-apr Guardia Costiera AW139 MM81911
    2017-aug Carabinieri NH500D I-CFSH
    2017-aug-01 AVES CH-47C MM81458
    2017-aug-03 Nucleo Elicotteri Pescara (CNVF) /VF-50 AB412 I-VFOB
    2017-aug-04 5 NE AB412EP MM81693
    2017-aug-04 Corpo Forestale dello Stato AB412EP MM81693
    2017-aug-18 AVES AB412 MM81262
    2017-oct Carabinieri NH500D I-CFSK
    2017-nov-30 1 gruppo elicotteri MK410 MM81495
    2018-aug-18 Starspeed Ltd EC135T2+ M-WHAT
    2018-sep-04 Heli Austria GmbH AS332L OE-XJP
    2018-sep-07 Marina Militare Italiana AB212ASW MM80951
    2018-sep-08 Carabinieri NH500D I-CFSI
    2018-nov-05 INAER Italia AW169 I-BBFI
    2018-dec-28 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81627
    2019-feb-25 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81577
    2019-may-14 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81601
    2019-jun-06 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81592
    2019-jul-30 Marina Militare Italiana MK413 MM81635
    2019-aug-21 4 gruppo elicotteri NFH MM81628
    2020-feb-05 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81606
    2020-mar-11 Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF) AW169M MM81962
    2020-mar-30 3° SVE AW139 MM81910
    2020-apr-05 Nucleo Elicotteri Pescara (GdiF) AW139 MM81954
    2020-apr-24 Carabinieri AW139 MM81968
    2020-oct-17 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81599

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