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  • AgustaWestland AW169M

    This model is a version of AW169

    c/n 69095

    Year 2019

    Helicopter AgustaWestland AW169M Serial 69095 Register MM81962 CSX81962 used by Guardia di Finanza (Italian Customs Police) ,AgustaWestland Italy. Built 2019. Aircraft history and location


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    italy AgustaWestland Italy

    2019-06ALILG at Vergiate


    italy Guardia di Finanza

    2019-11-12GF-501ALILGGdiF UH-169A, delivery in official ceremony first of 22 Italian Customs Received First AW169M
    2020-02-19VOLPE44BLIREPomezia, Lazio
    VOLPE44 Pomezia, Lazio
    2020-03-11CLIBP Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF)
    2020-04-01VOLPE00BLIRE Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF)
    Pomezia, Lazio
    2020-05-05 VOLPE02 Pomezia, Lazio
    2020-05-07 VOLPE01 Voghera, Lombardia
    Pomezia, Lazio
    2020-06-10 PROVA24 Gallarate, Lombardia
    2020-06-18GF-501DLILNFirst time seen in Unit Sezione Aerea Venegono Superiore
    VOLPE02 Saronno, Lombardia
    2020-07-23 Gallarate, Lombardia
    2020-07-30VOLPE501DLILNVarese, Lombardia
    VOLPE501 Varese, Lombardia
    2020-08-29 Varese, Lombardia
    2020-09-06GF-501ELIMZCallsign VOLPE501 Sezione Aerea Venegono Superiore
    GF-501FLIMJCallsign VOLPE501 Sezione Aerea Venegono Superiore
    Voghera, Lombardia
    2020-10-07 VOLPE501 Como, Lombardia
    2020-11-07 VOLPE501 Varese, Lombardia
    2020-12-10 VOLPE501 Bergamo, Lombardia
    2021-01-26 PROVA50 Gallarate, Lombardia
    2021-02-25 PROVA26 Varese, Lombardia
    2021-04-08 Como, Lombardia
    2021-07-06 PROVA28 Gallarate, Lombardia
    2021-08-05 VOLPE501 Varese, Lombardia
    VOLPE501 Varese, Lombardia

    Call sign for this aircraft: PROVA24 PROVA26 PROVA28 PROVA49 PROVA50 VOLPE00 VOLPE01 VOLPE02 VOLPE13 VOLPE20 VOLPE22 VOLPE30 VOLPE44 VOLPE501

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