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  • italy Varese Venegono Airport

    Varese, Lombardia



    Satellite and aerial maps of Venegono with nearby locations

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    12.6312LILC Calcinate del Pesce, Lombardia
    13.6064 Ospedale Sant'Anna, Lombardia
    14.8134 Saronno, Lombardia
    14.9258LILG Vergiate, Lombardia
    16.4060LILY Como Seaplane, Lombardia
    16.5222 Cascina Costa Agusta, Lombardia

    45° 44' 26'' N - 8° 53' 13'' E
    5.4nm SE of Varese
    Elevation: 1050 feet

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    List of units at Venegono

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1988/    Sezione Aerea Venegono SuperioreAW169M 2020/   
    NH500 2004/   
    AB412 2004/   

    List of aircraft and events at Venegono

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    By Date | By Serial

    1960 47J I-AGUS
    2004 Guardia di Finanza AB412HP MM81505
    2004 Guardia di Finanza AB412HP MM81506
    2007 AgustaWestland Italy AW109E I-EASQ
    2007 AgustaWestland Italy AW109E I-EASR
    2007-dec-28 AW109E I-DVFC / VF-82
    2009-feb-27 Elilario Italia EC145 I-EITH
    2009-mar-09 AW109E I-DVFC / VF-82
    2009-mar-11 AB139 I-AWIT
    2009-apr-06 AB139 N140EV
    2009-apr-11 AB139 N139EV
    2009-jun-11 Corpo Forestale dello Stato AB412EP MM81693 / CFS-29
    2009-aug-24 AB139 I-EPIC
    2009-aug-24 AB139 I-AWIT
    2009-sep AgustaWestland Italy AW109SP I-AWSP
    2009-sep-02 AW609 N609AG
    2010-oct-07 Guardia Costiera AW139 MM81748 / 11-03
    2011-may-13 A109E I-FZIT
    2011-may-14 AB412HP MM81506 / GdiF-218
    2011-may-30 AB139 I-AWIT
    2011-dec-19 AgustaWestland Italy AW139M CSX81796
    2012-sep-06 AB139 I-ROCS
    2013-oct-07 AgustaWestland Italy AW109SP I-AWTC
    2013-oct-31 ICH-47F CSX81778
    2013-nov-26 AgustaWestland Italy AW139M CSX81822
    2013-dec-18 AgustaWestland Italy AW139 I-AWTF
    2014-jan-09 AW149 I-RAII
    2014-mar-31 AgustaWestland Italy ICH-47F CSX81779
    2014-apr-24 A109A-II I-ANIA
    2014-apr-24 AgustaWestland Italy AW189 I-RAID
    2014-may-15 ICH-47F CSX81778
    2014-jul-03 AW189 I-EASO
    2014-aug-08 AW139 I-AWTJ
    2014-oct-28 AgustaWestland Italy AW139 CSX81839
    2014-oct-29 AgustaWestland Italy AW139 I-EASS
    2014-nov-19 AgustaWestland Italy AW139 CSX81839
    2014-nov-19 Polizia di Stato AW139 MM81839 / PS-115
    2014-nov-20 ERA Helicopters AW189 I-RAIL
    2015-jan-07 AW189 I-PTFF
    2015-mar-03 AW609 N609AG
    2015-may-11 AW109E I-PTFP
    2015-jun-03 AgustaWestland Philadelphia AW139 N265MM
    2015-jun-15 AW189 I-LCIH
    2015-aug-26 AgustaWestland Italy AW109SP I-PTFP
    2015-sep-08 AgustaWestland Italy AW169 I-PTFQ
    2015-oct-09 AgustaWestland Italy AW189 I-RAIW
    2015-nov-30 AgustaWestland Italy ICH-47F CSX81786
    2015-dec-11 Swiss Jet AG AW139 HB-ZUV
    2015-dec-18 UK Air Ambulances AW169 I-RAIS
    2015-dec-22 AgustaWestland Italy AW139 I-EASM
    2016-feb-04 AVES ICH-47F MM81787
    2016-feb-05 HM Coastguard AW189 G-MCGN
    2016-jul-08 AgustaWestland Italy ICH-47F CSX81788
    2016-nov-30 AgustaWestland Italy ICH-47F CSX81790
    2016-dec-30 AgustaWestland Italy ICH-47F MT81789
    2017-sep-11 AgustaWestland Italy AW139 CSX81926
    2018-mar-16 Guardia di Finanza AW139 MM81929
    2018-sep-14 AgustaWestland Italy AW139 I-AWTS
    2018-oct-12 15° Stormo AW101 611 MM81867
    2019-may Guardia di Finanza AW139 MM81961
    2019-nov Vigili del Fuoco AW139 VF-144
    2019-nov Carabinieri AW139 MM81968
    2019-nov AAC AW169 JA06AY
    2019-dec AW169 PS-FLC
    2020-jan-30 Vigili del Fuoco AW139 VF-145
    2020-mar-30 Nucleo Elicotteri Pescara (GdiF) AW139 MM81954
    2020-mar-31 Carabinieri AW139 MM81967
    2020-may Carabinieri AW109N MM81686
    2020-may-29 AgustaWestland Italy AW169M CSX81977
    2020-jun Vigili del Fuoco AW139 VF-147
    2020-jun-03 Guardia di Finanza AW169M MM81966
    2020-jun-05 AgustaWestland Italy AW119KX I-AWCV
    2020-jun-18 AgustaWestland Italy AW139 CSX81978
    2020-jun-18 Sezione Aerea Venegono Superiore /GF-501 AW169M MM81962
    2020-jun-22 AgustaWestland Italy AW139 CSX81979
    2020-jul POLRI AW169 P-3301
    2020-jul-22 AgustaWestland Italy AW139 CSX81979
    2020-jul-30 Guardia di Finanza AW169M MM81962
    2020-aug POLRI AW169 P-3302
    2020-aug-07 AgustaWestland Italy AW139 CSX81978
    2020-sep AgustaWestland Italy AW139M CSX81991
    2020-sep AgustaWestland Italy AW139M CSX81990
    2020-sep POLRI AW169 P-3303
    2020-sep AgustaWestland Italy AW169M I-EASI
    2020-sep-30 AgustaWestland Italy AW169M CSX81993
    2020-oct AgustaWestland Italy AW169M CSX82004
    2020-oct-21 AgustaWestland Italy AW139 CSX81978
    2020-oct-21 AgustaWestland Italy AW139 CSX81979
    2020-oct-30 POLRI AW169 P-3304
    2020-nov AgustaWestland Italy AW139M CSX82003
    2020-dec-11 AgustaWestland Italy AW139M CSX82007
    2020-dec-17 AMI AW139M CSX81991
    2020-dec-19 AgustaWestland Italy AW169M CSX82014

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