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  • Agusta A109
    italy Guardia di Finanza

    Italian Customs Police

    Del'd: 25 - 1985 to ??

    Guardia di Finanza A109

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2013/    Nucleo Elicotteri Venezia (GdiF) Venezia Tessera
    2011/    Nucleo Elicotteri Pescara (GdiF) Pescara
    2007/09Sezione Aerea Lamezia Terme Lamezia Terme
    2000/    Nucleo Elicotteri Pisa (GdiF) Pisa San Giusto
    1996/12Nucleo Elicotteri Palermo (GdiF) Palermo / Boccadifalco
    1992/    Sezione Aerea di Manovra Grottaglie Taranto Grottaglie
    1991/    Sezione Aerea Elmas Elmas - Mario Mameli
    1987/    Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (GdiF) Pratica di Mare
    Nucleo Elicotteri Bari Bari - Palese
    Nucleo Elicotteri Napoli (GdiF) Naples Capodichino

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    7305 A109a-II     MM81170: GdiF-122. w/o 28apr94
    7331 A109a-II     MM81171: GdiF-123
    7312 A109a-II     MM81172: GdiF-124
    - MM81172: 09sep12 pictured preserved at Mostra Volare Torino Ita+
    7333 A109a-II     MM81203: GdiF-126. preserved Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Te+
    7334 A109a-II     MM81204: GdiF-127
    7336 A109a-II     MM81205: GdiF-128
    7337 A109a-II     MM81220: GdiF-130
    7338 A109a-II     MM81221: GdiF-131
    7339 A109a-II     MM81222: GdiF-132. crash 02mar94 lake Capo Carbonara
    7322 A109a-II     MM81223: to civlian I-DPCA
    - I-DPCA: MM81223 ?
    7323 A109a-II 1986     MM81224: to civilian I-DPCB. (ex 15-71?)
    - I-DPCB: Italy, to France ?

    Italian Air Force MM81224: 46° Gruppo Protezione Civile from 1984 tp 1989

    Airgreen I-GREF: Airgreen by May12

    - I-GREF: Eurotech by 2015

    7417 A109a-II     MM81334: GdiF-133 preserved at GdiF Museum
    7450 A109a-II     MM81449: GdiF-142
    7442 A109a-II     MM81467: GdiF-144
    7443 A109a-II     MM81468: GdiF-145
    7668 a109c     MM81469: GdiF-143. VIP
    7444 A109a-II     MM81470: GdiF-146

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