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  • Agusta AB204
    italy Vigili del Fuoco

    Italian Firefighters

    Del'd: 15 - 1986 to ??

    Vigili del Fuoco AB204

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1995/    Nucleo Elicotteri Salerno (CNVF) Salerno Pontecagnano
    1992/97Nucleo Elicotteri Catania (CNVF) Catania Fontanarossa
    1991/    Nucleo Elicotteri Venezia (CNVF) Venezia Tessera
    1990/    Nucleo Elicotteri Torino (CNVF) Torino Caselle
    Nucleo Elicotteri Sassari (CNVF) Aeroporto di Alghero

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    3093 ab204as 1965     I-VFMB: ab204b ex Marina. d/d 1988 VF-30
    - 3D-HUI: Cape Town Foreshaw Helicopters, South Africa

    Italian Navy MM80364: Marina 3-03. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMB VF-30
    3135 ab204as 1966     I-VFMC: ab204b ex Marina. VF-31. preserved outside Vigili del Fuoco hangar +
    Italian Navy MM80369: Marina 3-08. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMC VF-31
    3143 ab204as 1967     I-VFMD: ab204b ex Marina. VF-32. wfu
    Italian Navy MM80373: Marina 3-12. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMD VF-32
    3149 ab204as 1968     I-VFME: ab204b ex Marina. VF-33. sold to south africa civilian
    Italian Navy MM80377: Marina 3-16. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFME VF-33
    3148 ab204as 1968     I-VFMF: ab204b ex Marina. VF-34. wfu
    Italian Navy MM80378: Marina 3-18. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMF VF-34
    3214 ab204as 1969     I-VFMG: ab204b ex Marina. VF-35
    Italian Navy MM80507: Marina 3-19. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMG VF-35
    3215 ab204as 1970     I-VFMH: ab204b ex Marina. VF-36
    Italian Navy MM80508: Marina 3-20. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMH VF-36
    3219 ab204as 1970     I-VFML: ex Marina. VF-37. wfu
    Italian Navy MM80512: Marina 3-24. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFML VF-37
    3222 ab204as 1971     I-VFMM: ex Marina. VF-38. preserved dockside Genova
    Italian Navy MM80513: Marina 3-25. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMM VF-38
    3223 ab204as 1971     I-VFMP: ex Marina. VF-39. preserved gate guardian Aeroporto Internaz+
    Italian Navy MM80514: Marina 3-26. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMP VF-39
    3225 ab204as 1971     I-VFMR: ab204b ex Marina. VF-40. wfu
    Italian Navy MM80515: Marina 3-27. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMR VF-40
    3226 ab204as 1971     I-VFMS: ab204b ex Marina. VF-41. wfu
    Italian Navy MM80516: Marina 3-28. o Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMS VF-41
    3227 ab204as 1971     I-VFMT: ab204b ex Marina. VF-42
    Italian Navy MM80517: Marina 3-29. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMT VF-42
    3229 ab204as 1972     I-VFMV: ab204b ex Marina. VF-43. Torino. wfu
    Italian Navy MM80519: Marina 3-31. o Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMV VF-43
    3233 ab204as 1973     I-VFMZ: ab204b ex Marina. VF-44. wfu
    Italian Navy MM80521: Marina 3-33. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMZ VF-44

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