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  • italy R.S.S.T.A. Decimomannu Giovanni Farina

    Decimomannu, Sardinia



    Satellite and aerial maps of Decimomannu with nearby locations

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    13.4148LIEE Elmas - Mario Mameli, Sardinia
    54.0048 Eliporto PISQ, Sardinia
    59.5207 Capo Teulada, Sardinia
    66.6334LIER Fenosu, Sardinia
    86.6350 Abbasanta, Sardinia
    87.5350 Abbasanta CAIP, Sardinia

    39° 21' 14.04'' N - 8° 58' 21.75'' E

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    List of units at Decimomannu

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    2018/    4º SVEAW139 2018/   
    2013/    80 centro c/sarAB212 2013/   
    1967/    670 SCAB212 1979/   


    15-oct-1824-oct-18CAEX II 2018
    07-may-1818-may-18Joint Stars 2018
    07-apr-0811-apr-08Spring Flag 2008

    List of aircraft and events at Decimomannu

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    By Date | By Serial

    1982 AMI AB212 MM81074
    1999-nov Gate GuardianAMI AB47J-3 MM80256
    2004-mar-18 AMI AB212 MM81074
    2007-sep 670 SC AB212 MM81073
    2007-sep AMI AB212ICO MM81158
    2008-apr AMI AB212 MM81164
    2008-apr AMI AB212 MM81073
    2008-apr AMI AB212 MM81190
    2008-apr AMI AB212ICO MM81156
    2008-apr AMI AB212ICO MM81160
    2008-apr AMI AS-61R MM80974
    2008-apr AVES CH-47C MM80832
    2008-apr-08 AVES A129C MM81408
    2008-apr-08 AVES A129C MM81399
    2008-apr-08 AVES A129CBT MM81423
    2008-apr-08 AB212ICO MM81375 / 4-67
    2008-apr-08 AS-61R MM81337 / 15-25
    2008-apr-08 AMI AS-61R MM81337
    2008-apr-09 AB212 MM81164 / 51-70
    2008-apr-09 CH-47C MM80832 / EI-810
    2008-apr-10 AMI AB212ICO MM81161
    2008-apr-10 AMI AB212ICO MM81375
    2009-sep-25 AMI AB212ICO MM81151
    2010-may-11 AS-61R MM81350 / 15-38
    2011-aug-19 AMI AB212ICO MM81153
    2015-may-05 AMI AW139M MM81824 / 15-52
    2016-may-09 AMI AW139M MM81803 / 15-47
    2016-dec-07 AMI AB212ICO MM81160
    2017-oct-10 21 Gruppo /9-47 AB212ICO MM81147
    2017-oct-18 AMI AW101 611 MM81869
    2017-oct-19 AMI AB212ICO MM81160
    2017-oct-25 Marina Militare Italiana MK410 MM81495
    2017-oct-25 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81623
    2017-oct-26 AVES ICH-47F MM81782
    2017-dec AMI AB212 MM81073
    2018-may AVES A129C MM81401
    2018-may AVES A129CBT MM81421
    2018-may AVES A129CBT MM81428
    2018-may-07 AMI AB212ICO MM81155
    2018-may-07 AMI AW139M MM81800
    2018-may-07 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81623
    2018-may-07 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81624
    2018-may-08 AMI AW139M MM81805
    2018-may-08 VMM-263 MV-22B 168607
    2018-may-08 VMM-263 MV-22B 168607
    2018-may-08 VMM-263 MV-22B 168609
    2018-may-08 VMM-263 MV-22B 168636
    2018-may-08 VMM-263 MV-22B 168641
    2018-may-08 AMI NH500E MM81272
    2018-may-11 AVES ICH-47F MM81790
    2018-jul-16 4º SVE AW139 MM81885
    2018-sep-17 9° Stormo AB212ICO MM81158
    2018-oct-23 AVES AB412 MM81359
    2018-oct-23 AVES AB412 MM81194
    2018-oct-23 4º SVE AW139 MM81892
    2018-oct-23 Aldebaran /7-01 ICH-47F MM81778
    2018-oct-23 AVES ICH-47F MM81791
    2018-oct-24 AVES AB412 MM81362
    2018-oct-25 AVES ICH-47F MM81783
    2019-mar-29 AMI AB212ICO MM81158
    2019-may-10 AMI AW139M MM81824
    2019-jun-05 AMI AW101 611 MM81870
    2019-dec-22 4º SVE AW139 MM81948
    2020-apr-02 4º SVE AW139 MM81947
    2020-may-21 23 Gruppo /15-12 AW101 611 MM81873
    2020-oct-22 AMI AW139M MM81799
    2020-dec-15 AMI AW101 611 MM81875

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