italy 5 Reggimento di Aviazione

Aviazione dell'Esercito

Rigel : 5th Aviation Regiment
Italian Army Aviation

1976 to present    

5 aves rigel

Established September 30, 1976 and part of Brigata Aeromobile Friuli, Rigel took part of UNTAG (1976, Namibia), Airone (1991, Kurdistan), Monitor Mission (1991, Bosnia), Ibis 2 (1992, Somalia), Albatross (1993, Mozambique), Ibis 3 (1995, Somalia), Constant Force (1998, Bosnia), Joint Guarantor (1998, Macedonia), Joint Guardian e Joint Enterprise (Kosovo, 1999-2007), Antica Babilonia (Irak, 2005-2006), UNIFIL (Lebanon, rotation since 1979) and Afghanistan

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25° Gruppo Squadroni "Cigno" - 76 to 98
27° Gruppo Squadroni AVES “MERCURIO”
49° Gruppo Squadroni AVES “CAPRICORNO”
55° Gruppo Squadroni EM "Dragone" - 76 to -

News of 5 Reggimento di Aviazione

Italian Task Group Griffon in Iraq, 02-Aug-17 : Italian Army 5 Aviation Regiment Rigel arrived in northern Iraq as part of Operation Inherent Resolve Task Group Griffon rotation forces


1998Rimini Miramare Federico FelliniLIPR
1998/    CasarsaLIDK


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2017/    NH90 TTH
1990/    A129 Mangusta
1976/    AB205
A109 Hirundo

List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for . / Rigel / Casarsa
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
4128 ab205a-1 MM80531 : 26jun13 pictured (pic1) at Casarsa airport, Associazione Arma Aeronautica +
4162 ab205a-1 MM80548 : 26jun13 pictured at F. Baracca Airport, Casarsa city AAA instructional vis+
4179 ab205a-1 MM80552 : in x-mas colours for 5° Rigel
4195 ab205a-1 MM80557 : Esercito E.I.305. EM-2 type. 26 Gruppo as EC-305. w/o 07jan92 shot down by+
4200 ab205a-1 MM80560 : 27jun13 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at Francesco Baracca airport, Casarsa city +
4231 ab205a-1 MM80701 : 1981 in 5 Rigel at 30 Anniversary AVES
29023 a129c MM81392 : 26jun13 pictured (pic2) at Francesco Baracca Airport, 5° Reggimento Rig+
29046 a129c MM81415 : 26jun13 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at Casarsa airport, AAA Venice instructio+
29067 a129cbt MM81435 : 26jun13 pictured at Francesco Baracca Airport, Casarsa City, AAA Venezia I+

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