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2015 Operation Toral
2001 ISAF
2001 Operation Herrick

Afghanistan News

02-Dec-19 - Twelve More MD530F+ for Afghan Air Force #Afghanistan
25-Nov-19 - Last of 30 MD530F+ Delivered to Afghanistan #MD530F
29-Aug-19 - MDHI $50M Contract to Support Afghans MD530F #MD530F
04-Aug-19 - RAF Puma Reached 1600 Days in Afghanistan #Puma
20-Dec-18 - More MD530F Helicopters to Afghanistan #Afghanistan
11-Dec-18 - Afghan Air Force Black Hawk Crashed #BlackHawk
12-Sep-18 - Afghanistan Received Enhanced Cayuse Warrior #Afghanistan
12-Jul-18 - New Type Certificate for MD530F Glass Cockpit #avionics
16-Jun-18 - Pentagon Found Challenges Replacing Afghan Mi-17 #problems
22-May-18 - CHI Aviation S-61 to Support US Military in Afghanistan
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