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    Afghan Air Force

    The US Department of Defence placed a contract with Rosoboronexport for the delivery of 63 Mi-17V-5 helicopters to the Afghan National Army (ANA) in 2011. Kazan Helicopters completed deliveries to the ANA in October 2014.


    New Contract for Afghan MD530F Helicopters, 05-Dec-20 : #contractors MD Helicopters awarded $34M US Army contract for maintenance, repairs, updates, and overhauls of the Afghanistan Air Force MD 530F Cayuse Warrior helicopter fleet

    FMS MD530F for Afghanistan and Lebanon, 16-Oct-20 : MD Helicopters awarded Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contracts to support MD530F of Afghanistan Air Force ( retrofit 18 aircraft with Robertson crashworthy fuel systems, CWFS) and Lebanon (six new helicopters)

    Twelve More MD530F+ for Afghan Air Force, 02-Dec-19 : #Afghanistan The Afghan Air Force will receive a new batch of 12 MD530F Enhanced Cayuse Warrior. Part of the 150 Pentagon IDIQ contract. Afghanistan already received 60 MD530F

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    List of Units

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    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        377th Rotary Wing Squadron377th RWS? --
        379th Rotary Wing Squadron379th RWS? --
        777 Special Mission Wing777 SMW? --

    Bases and Locations

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    Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
       Kabul International377th RWS
    777 SMW 2005/   
       Kandahar379th RWS
    777 SMW
       Mazar I Sharif777 SMW

    Model Types

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      Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk2017
      MDh MD530F 2011
      Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen)2008
      Mil Mi-35 Hind62008
      Mil Mi-24 Hind 1979
      Mil Mi-8 Hip (1st Gen)1979

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