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  • afghanistan Herat

    Herat, Herat


    Satellite and aerial maps of Herat with nearby locations

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    91.1178OASD Shindand, Herat
    118.6043OAQN Qala-e Naw, Badghis
    205.4181OAFR FOB Farah, Farah
    281.4081OACC Chakhcharan Airport, Ghor
    299.5049OAMN Maimana, Faryab
    317.4130 Musa Qalah, Helmand

    34° 12' 36.00'' N - 62° 13' 41.87'' E
    Elevation: 3290 feet

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    List of units at Herat

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    2017/    IT VegaA129 Mangusta 1990/   
    NH90 TTH
    2011/    IT RigelNH90 TTH 2017/   
    A129 Mangusta 2012/   
    A129 Mangusta 1990/   
    AB205 1976/20
    2007/14IT AntaresICH-47F Chinook 2014/   
    AB212 1983/   
    CH-47C Chinook 1977/   
    NH90 TTH
    2005/13ES Escuadron 803AS332 Super Puma 1981/   

    Herat News

    3.000 Flying Hours In Afghanistan for Italians NH90, 16-Jan-17 : Italian Army NH90 TTH fleet in Afghanistan achieved 3000 flying hours. Deployed in Herat since 2012 as Task Group “Fenice”, part of the TAAC-W (Train Advise Assist Command - West)

    10,000 Flight Hours for Italian A129 in Afghanistan, 04-Jun-14 : Italian Army A129 Mangusta helicopters achieved 10,000 hours of flight in Afghanistan since the spring of 2007 when deployed with the ISAF


    01-jan-15Resolute Support

    List of aircraft and events at Herat

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    By Date | By Serial

    2006-mar AVES CH-47C MM80841
    2007 AVES CH-47C MM81386
    2007-oct FAMET CH-47D HT.17-02
    2007-oct FAMET CH-47D HT.17-08
    2007-oct FAMET CH-47D HT.17-09
    2008-aug-06 AVES CH-47C MM80837
    2008-aug-15 AVES A129C MM81328
    2008-aug-20 AVES CH-47C MM80824
    2008-sep-09 AMI AB212ICO MM81217
    2008-sep-27 AMI AB212ICO MM81163
    2008-sep-27 11 GrSqd /E.I.811 CH-47C MM80833
    2008-oct EdA AS332B HD.21-12
    2009-jan-18 AVES CH-47C MM80824
    2010-jan-22 AVES CH-47C MM81439
    2010-mar FAMET CH-47D HT.17-04
    2010-mar FAMET CH-47D HT.17-06
    2010-mar FAMET CH-47D HT.17-08
    2010-jul AVES AB205A-1 MM80690
    2010-jul AVES AB205A-1 MM80687
    2010-jul AVES AB205A-1 MM80686
    2010-oct Altair AB205A-1 MM80692
    2010-oct Rigel /E.I.334 AB205A-1 MM80705
    2010-nov-30 AVES CH-47C MM80845
    2011 AVES AB205A-1 MM80686
    2011 EdA AS332B HD.21-11
    2011 1 gruppo elicotteri MK413 MM81634
    2011-feb-26 1 gruppo elicotteri MK413 MM81635
    2011-feb-26 1 gruppo elicotteri MK413 MM81636
    2011-sep-28 AVES CH-47C MM81441
    2011-dec FAMET CH-47D HT.17-09
    2011-dec FAMET CH-47D HT.17-19
    2012-jun AVES A129C MM81328
    2012-aug-22 AVES TTH MM81531
    2012-oct-25 Complete DeploimentAVES TTH MM81534
    2012-oct-25 Complete DeploimentAVES TTH MM81532
    2012-oct-25 AVES TTH MM81531
    2012-oct-25 Complete DeploymentAVES TTH MM81536
    2012-oct-25 Complete DislocationAVES TTH MM81537
    2013 AVES CH-47C MM81440
    2013-sep-14 FAMET CH-47D HT.17-19
    2014-jul AVES CH-47C MM81230
    2014-jul-11 AVES CH-47C MM81458
    2014-oct AVES A129C MM81414
    2016-jan-18 AVES TTH MM81537
    2016-jul AVES TTH MM81542
    2016-jul-06 Rigel TTH MM81538
    2016-aug-10 AVES TTH MM81535
    2016-dec-31 AVES TTH MM81542
    2017-jul-25 AVES A129C MM81415
    2020-mar-20 Vega TTH MM81536
    2020-mar-20 Vega TTH MM81537
    2020-jun-12 AVES A129C MM81321
    2020-jul-08 AVES TTH MM81534
    2021-apr-07 AVES A129C MM81321

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