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Herat, Herat

Satellite and aerial maps of Herat with nearby locations

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91.1178OASD Shindand, Shindand
205.4181OAFR FOB Farah, Farah Province
317.4130 Musa Qalah, Helmand
318.9144OAZI Camp Bastion, Helmand
341.6146 FOB Edinburgh, Helmand
382.0116OATN Tarin Kowt, Urozgan

34° 12' 36.00'' N - 62° 13' 41.87'' E
Elevation: 3205 feet

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List of units at Herat

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2017/    IT VegaA129 Mangusta 1990/   
2007/14IT AntaresICH-47F Chinook 2014/   
AB212 1983/   
CH-47C Chinook 1977/   
2005/13ES Escuadron 803AS332 Super Puma 1981/   
??/17IT RigelNH90 TTH 2017/   
A129 Mangusta 1990/   
AB205 1976/   
AB206 1976/??
AB204 1963/??
A109 Hirundo

Herat News

3.000 Flying Hours In Afghanistan for Italians NH90, 16-Jan-17 : Italian Army NH90 TTH fleet in Afghanistan achieved 3000 flying hours. Deployed in Herat since 2012 as Task Group “Fenice”, part of the TAAC-W (Train Advise Assist Command - West)

10,000 Flight Hours for Italian A129 in Afghanistan, 04-Jun-14 : Italian Army A129 Mangusta helicopters achieved 10,000 hours of flight in Afghanistan since the spring of 2007 when deployed with the ISAF



List of aircraft and events at Herat

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By Date | By Serial

A129CMM81415 25jul17
AB205A-1MM80686 11
AB205A-1MM80692 oct10
AB212 ICOMM81217 09sep08
AS332B Super PumaHD.21-12 oct08
CH-47C ChinookMM80824 18jan09
CH-47C ChinookMM80841 mar06
CH-47C ChinookMM80845 30nov10
CH-47C ChinookMM81386 07
CH-47C ChinookMM81439 22jan10
CH-47C ChinookMM81458 11jul14
CH-47D ChinookHT.17-02 oct07
CH-47D ChinookHT.17-04 mar10
CH-47D ChinookHT.17-06 mar10
CH-47D ChinookHT.17-08 oct07 mar10
CH-47D ChinookHT.17-09 oct07 dec11
CH-47D ChinookHT.17-19 dec11 14sep13
EH101 Mk.413MM81634 11
EH101 Mk.413MM81635 11
NH90 TTHMM81531 25oct12
NH90 TTHMM81532 25oct12
NH90 TTHMM81534 25oct12
NH90 TTHMM81535 10aug16
NH90 TTHMM81536 25oct12
NH90 TTHMM81537 25oct12 18jan16
NH90 TTHMM81538 06jul16
NH90 TTHMM81542 jul16

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