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    italy Aviazione dell'Esercito

    Italian Army Aviation

    2008 to present


    Aviazione dell'Esercito NH90 TTH

    Italian Army ordered 60 TTH. The Italians were the first NH90 deployed overseas taking 5 to Afghanistan from August 2012. As of May 2013, 21 were already delivered. 28th TTH delivered on March 2015. On January 2017, Task Group Fenice in Afghanistan achieved 3000 flight hours. On February 2018, Task Force Griffon in Iraq achieved 1000 flight hours.
    GITA: Ground ITalian Army

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2017/    49 GrSq Casarsa
    2017/    RigelAF Herat
    2017/    27 GrSqd Casarsa
    2011/    25 GrSqdIQ Erbil Intl
    Rimini Miramare Federico Fellini
    San Giacomo di Veglia
    ??/1553 GrSqdLB Naqoura
    Rimini Miramare Federico Fellini
    Padova Gino Allegri
    Treviso San Angelo
    Aldebaran Viterbo
    26 GrSqd Viterbo
    BA Rajlovac AB
    Pisa San Giusto
    IQ Erbil Intl
    VegaAF Herat
    AL Gjakova Airport AMIKO
    Rimini Miramare Federico Fellini
    1° Gr Sq Viterbo
    AntaresAF Herat

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