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    Lugano, Ticino



    Satellite and aerial maps of Lugano with nearby locations

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    3.6065 EOC Lugano - Civico, Ticino
    18.0351LSMO Locarno Magadino, Ticino
    21.9023 Ospedale San Giovanni Bellinzona, Ticino
    23.6208LILC Calcinate del Pesce, Lombardia
    24.5149LILY Como Seaplane, Lombardia
    25.8155 Ospedale Sant'Anna, Lombardia

    46° 0' 15.48'' N - 8° 54' 38.09'' E

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    List of aircraft and events at Lugano

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    By Date | By Serial

    2001-feb-01 A109E HB-ZCQ
    2002-jul-26 AS365N3 HB-XQS
    2003-jul-01 AS350B3 HB-ZEJ
    2003-jul-27 AS332M1 T-321
    2004-sep-21 SA365N1 HB-ZBY
    2005-mar-09 AS350B3 HB-ZEJ
    2005-mar-17 EC120B HB-ZFY
    2005-apr-04 AB139 HB-ZGD
    2005-apr-04 AB139 HB-ZGE
    2005-apr-05 A109E I-HBZC
    2005-apr-15 SA365N I-CIOH
    2005-apr-26 AB139 HB-ZGF
    2005-may-15 AW109E I-SFAC
    2005-jun-17 430 HB-ZBZ
    2005-jun-24 AS350B3 HB-ZDD
    2005-jun-25 AS350B3 HB-ZDE
    2005-jul-02 EC120B HB-ZCG
    2005-aug-31 AS350B1 HB-ZCC
    2005-oct-07 AS332M1 T-318
    2006-feb-01 EC145 HB-ZRC
    2006-feb-09 AS365N3 I-LUXA
    2006-feb-10 AS365N3 HB-XQS
    2006-jun-10 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS332M1 T-323
    2006-jun-10 Heeresflieger EC135T1 8261
    2006-sep-06 A109E HB-ZCP
    2006-sep-19 Rotex Helicopter AG K-MAX HB-ZGK
    2006-oct-04 HB350B2 VP-BFL
    2007-jun-23 AS350B3 HB-ZIW
    2007-jul-06 A109E HB-ZCQ
    2007-jul-15 Swiss Jet AG AW109S HB-ZHP
    2007-sep-21 SA316B V-262
    2008-mar-03 AS355N F-GTEH
    2008-mar-21 AS350B3 LN-OWB
    2008-may-12 AW139 I-TAIF
    2008-may-21 AS350B3 HB-ZHE
    2009-jan-17 AW139 I-TAIF
    2009-jun-21 AW109S HB-ZSM
    2009-jul-14 AW139 I-CDDL
    2010-apr-25 AW139 N139MT
    2010-jun-04 AS350B3 HB-ZIW
    2011-jul-06 EC120B HB-ZIE
    2011-sep-24 Swiss Jet AG AW139 HB-ZUV
    2012-jun-22 EC145 N145SR

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