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Camp Bondsteel

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29.9324BKPR Pristina Kosovo, Pristina
35.2274 suva reka, kosovo,
35.6345 Film City, Kosovo
53.5144LWSK Petrovec, Skopje
68.0277LY90 Gjakova Airport AMIKO, Kosovo
77.3242LAKU Kukes, Kukes

42° 21' 15.84'' N - 21° 14' 55.32'' E

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Camp Bondsteel Heliport News

Army National Guards Rotation in Kosovo, 06-Jul-19 : #KFOR US Army National Guards 1-230th Assault Helicopter Battalion (AHB) from Tennessee transferred command to 1-171st General Support Aviation Battalion (GSAB) from Georgia at the Multi-National Battle Group–East (MNBG-E) Task Force Aviation part of Kosovo Force (KFOR) at Camp Bondsteel

Operation Icarus KFOR Exercise, 09-Jun-16 : KFOR forces including Croatian Mi-171, Swiss AS532 and US Army Black Hawks helicopters train together during combat search and rescue exercise Operation Icarus in Kosovo

Multinational Air Operation in Kosovo, 18-Sep-15 : Croatian, Slovenian, Swiss and U.S. Army flight KFOR crews soared over Kosovo for a multinational, eight-ship helicopter mission, during a large aviation exercise

KFOR MedEvac Training in Kosovo, 16-Jul-15 : U.S. Army Reserve 5-159th AVN HH-60M Black Hawk medic crew based at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo lead a course in medical evacuation (MedEvac) operations for their multinational partners

US Army Aviation Mechanics in Kosovo, 15-Jul-14 : CAMP BONDSTEEL by Capt Kevin Sandell, Kosovo Force (KFOR) - It was an uncommon sight in Kosovo. Eight UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters soared in a formation above the Kosovo countryside, June 28.

04-Apr-14 - Military K-9s experience medevac training at Kosovo


12-jun-99KFOR (kosovo force)

List of aircraft and events at Camp Bondsteel Heliport

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2005-apr NO Luftforsvaret412SP145
2007-may CH Schweizer LuftwaffeAS332M1 Super PumaT-319
2014-mar HR Hrvatsko ratno zrakoplovstvo i protuzračna obranaMi-171Sh220
2014-mar HR Hrvatsko ratno zrakoplovstvo i protuzračna obranaMi-171Sh225

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