new zealand Ardmore

Ardmore, Auckland
New Zealand


Satellite and aerial maps of Ardmore with nearby locations

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16.5278NZAA Auckland, Auckland
18.4308NZPK Auckland Heliport, Auckland
23.8 19NZWE Kauaroa Bay, Auckland
26.4320NZMB Mechanics Bay, Auckland
26.5316NZJL Auckland Hospital, Auckland
26.7 21NZKE Waiheke Island, Auckland

37° 1' 51.59'' S - 174° 58' 30.02'' E

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List of units at Ardmore

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1999/    Oceania Aviation

List of aircraft and events at Ardmore

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By Date | By Serial

2005-apr Oceania Aviation LtdMD520NZK-ITX
2005-apr-02 369D / 500DZK-HYY
2005-may-18 S-76AZK-IAL
2006-sep-17 B-2ZK-INK
2006-sep-17 BK117A-4ZK-HHV
2007-aug-22 S-76AZK-IAL
2007-nov-28 AS350B3 EcureuilZK-IWI
2007-nov-28 AS350B3 EcureuilZK-IWI
2007-dec-13 EC130B4ZK-HPV
2007-dec-19 AW139ZK-HNZ
2008-jan-10 EC130B4ZK-HKX
2008-jan-11 EC130B4ZK-IBX
2008-mar-09 A119 KoalaZK-IHS
2008-apr-21 MD369E / MD500EZK-IMD
2008-jun-17 EC120BZK-IFZ
2008-jun-20 EC130B4ZK-HKX
2008-jun-25 EC145ZK-IGT
2009-apr-13 EC145ZK-IGT
2009-sep-06 EC130B4ZK-IBX
2009-dec-27 EC130B4ZK-HKX
2010-mar-01 BK117A-4ZK-HLN
2012-jan-20 BK117B-2ZK-IPT
2012-sep-07 S-76AZK-IAL
2013-aug-16 EC135P2+N849PA
2014-jan-27 Bk117B-1VH-BKZ
2014-aug-11 429N429MD
2015-feb-25 EC145G-SRNE
2015-apr Oceania Aviation Ltd412HPZK-IKA
2016-jan-15 EC145N145LL
2019-jun-12 EH-60A QuickFixN160PA

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