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    United Arab Emirates

    Satellite and aerial maps of Dubai with nearby locations

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    9.8269 Al Mina, Dubai
    13.2015 RAF Sharjah,
    16.9065OMSJ Sharjah International Airport, Sharjah
    25.1179OMDM Minhad AB, Dubai
    41.6227 Jebil Ali, Dubai
    45.1205OMDW Dubai Intl, Jebel Ali

    25° 15' 10.08'' N - 55° 21' 51.84'' E

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    Dubai News

    Bell 525 Mock-Up on Display in Dubai, 22-Oct-19 : #Bell525 A mock-up of the Bell 525 will be on display at Dubai International Airport until the first week November in anticipation of the Dubai Airshow which will take place November 17-21

    List of aircraft and events at Dubai

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    By Date | By Serial

    1999-nov-16 AH-64A 070
    2003-dec-10 EAF CH-47C 3012
    2003-dec-30 A109K2 DU-201
    2004-dec-09 AS332B1 126
    2004-dec-09 AS565SA 191
    2005-mar-09 A109K2 DU-202
    2005-nov-12 SA315B HB-XSW
    2005-nov-19 SH-60F 164454 / AJ-610
    2005-nov-20 AB139 A6-BBB
    2005-nov-20 EAF CH-47C 3002
    2005-nov-20 HC.3 ZJ124 / H
    2005-nov-21 EC130B4 A6-FLB
    2005-nov-22 AW109E A6-DBY
    2006-mar-18 AB412SP P-725
    2007-nov-11 AB412SP P-725
    2007-nov-12 AW139 A6-AWE
    2007-nov-12 EC130B4 A6-FLB
    2007-nov-13 A109K2 DU-201
    2007-nov-13 MD900 A6-JJJ
    2008-nov-16 AW109S A6-FLS
    2008-nov-18 EC130B4 A6-FLB
    2009-nov Evergreen Helicopters S-92A N465VL
    2009-nov-14 427 N324FH
    2009-nov-15 AS350B3 A6-AWR
    2009-nov-15 AW139 DU-141
    2009-nov-16 S-92 N492SA
    2009-nov-17 AW109S A6-FLS
    2009-nov-17 EC135P2+ A6-FLA
    2011-nov-01 MV-22B 165940
    2011-nov-13 AW139 A6-AWP
    2011-nov-14 407 N407AH
    2011-nov-14 429 N10984
    2011-nov-16 UAEAF CH-47F 2512
    2013-mar-02 AW109E A6-DBY
    2013-nov-16 VMM-166 UH-1Y 168412
    2019-oct-22 Bell Helicopter 525 mockup

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