brazil Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport

Brasília, Distrito Federal

118.6250SBAN Anapolis, Goiás
162.7238SBGO Santa Genoveva, Goiás

15° 52' 16.32'' S - 47° 55' 8.04'' W

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By Date | By Serial

2004-nov-01 HB350B EsquiloPP-FSP
2004-dec-17 412PT-HRH
2004-dec-17 AS350B2 EcureuilPR-HFA
2005-apr-14 HB350B EsquiloPP-FSP
2005-may-11 AS355N Ecureuil 2PR-HFC
2005-oct-09 AS332M1 Super Puma8740
2005-oct-09 EC120BPR-FPM
2005-oct-09 EC120BPR-FPM
2005-oct-09 HB350B EsquiloPT-HLZ
2005-oct-09 HB350B EsquiloPP-FSP
2005-oct-09 HB350B2 EsquiloPP-FZA
2005-oct-09 HB350B2 EsquiloPP-FZA
2005-oct-09 HB350B2 EsquiloPP-FZA
2005-oct-09 UH-1H Iroquois8537
2006-aug-20 HB350B EsquiloPT-HMR
2006-oct-21 HB350B EsquiloPT-HLZ
2006-oct-21 HB350B EsquiloPP-FJC
2006-oct-21 HB350B2 EsquiloPR-EBQ
2007-sep-05 Super Lynx mk21aN-4005
2009-sep-11 412PT-HRG
2009-oct-17 UH-1H Iroquois8694
2010-apr-01 412PT-HRH
2010-oct-02 HB350B2 EsquiloPR-EBQ
2010-nov-18 412PT-HRG
2010-dec-20 EC725 CaracalEB-5001,F-ZWBR
2010-dec-20 EC725 Caracal8510,F-ZWBL
2010-dec-20 HB350B EsquiloPT-HYE
2011-jan-05 412PT-HRG
2011-sep-24 HB350B2 EsquiloPR-EBQ
2011-sep-24 HB350B2 EsquiloPR-EBQ
2011-sep-24 HB350B2 EsquiloPR-PMF
2011-dec-09 AS350B2 EcureuilPR-HFA
2013-apr-08 AS350B2 EcureuilPR-HFA
2014-jul-12 EC725 Caracal8513
2014-sep-13 AW139MPR-HFV
2015-mar-31 DE Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbHH145 / EC145T2D-HADW
2017-oct-14 HB350BA EsquiloPT-HZR

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