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Macaé, Rio de Janeiro

Satellite and aerial maps of Macae with nearby locations

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62.1212SBES Sao Pedro da Aldeia, Rio de Janeiro
71.7206SBCB Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro
79.9 64SBFS Farol de Sao Tome Heliport, Rio de Janeiro
86.2 33SBCP Campos dos Goitacazes, Rio de Janeiro
96.3 53 Porto do Açu, Rio de Janeiro
126.7239SDMC Maricá, Rio de Janeiro

22° 20' 34.80'' S - 41° 45' 57.60'' W

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Macae News

CHC Brazil Opens New Hangar in Macaé, 10-May-17 : CHC Brazil, a subsidiary of CHC, opened its new 1270m2 hangar at Benedito Lacerda Airport, in Macaé

Brazilian Oil and Gas Industry H175 Demo Tour, 08-Jun-15 : The H175 will be at Brazilian main bases that support off-shore operations: Cabo Frio, on 8 June; and Macaé, on 9-10 June, as well as stopovers at Rio de Janeiro’s Jacarepaguá Airport on 11-12 June

List of aircraft and events at Macae

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1997-jan-24 accidentAeroleo Taxi AereoS-61NPT-YAF
1998-jul-28 S-61N Mk.IIPT-YCF
1998-jul-28 S-76APT-YAU
2003-aug-22 Aeroleo Taxi AereoS-76APT-YAU
2004-apr-20 accidentLíder AviaçãoS-76APT-YBG
2005-jan-12 accidentBHS Taxi AereoS-76APP-MCS
2005-dec-15 accidentAeroleo Taxi Aereo412SPPT-HUV
2008 Senior Taxi AereoAS365N3 Dauphin 2PR-SEJ
2010-jun-16 -Líder AviaçãoS-92APR-JAF
2011-dec BHS Taxi AereoEC225LPPR-CHY
2012-jun-06 accidentOmni Taxi AereoEC225LPPR-OMV
2012-sep-15 BHS Taxi AereoS-92APR-BGM
2012-oct-03 -Líder AviaçãoS-92APR-JBH
2012-oct-26 -Líder AviaçãoS-92APR-JBE
2015-jun Aeroleo Taxi AereoAW139PR-AEH
2016-mar-06 Aeroleo Taxi AereoAW139PR-WSG
2017-apr-15 BHS Taxi AereoS-92APR-CHR

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