South Atlantic (GL)

Falkland Islands / Islas Malvinas

Satellite and aerial maps of South Atlantic (GL) with nearby locations

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28.1023 Murray Heights, East Falkland
29.1276 Mare Harbour, East Falkland
29.5346 Mount Kent, East Falkland
30.0023 Navy Point, East Falkland
31.9030SFAL Port Stanley, East Falkland
32.0292EGYP RAF Mount Pleasant, East Falkland

51° 55' 56'' S - 58° 0' 56'' W

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List of aircraft and events at South Atlantic (GL)

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1982-jun-12 HMS Glamorgan Exocet hitUK Royal NavyCounty classD19 HMS Glamorgan
1982-jun-12 HMS Glamorgan Exocet hitUK Fleet Air ArmWessex HAS.1XM837

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