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  • Mare Harbour

    East Cove, East Falkland

    Falkland Islands / Islas Malvinas

    Satellite and aerial maps of Mare Harbour with nearby locations

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    8.9356EGYP RAF Mount Pleasant, East Falkland
    13.4351 Pleasant Peak, East Falkland
    29.1096 South Atlantic (GL),
    33.6032 Estancia House, East Falkland
    33.8041 Mount Kent, East Falkland
    37.5295 nr Camilla Creek House, East Falkland

    51° 54' 5'' S - 58° 26' 14'' W
    10nm SW of Fitzroy
    Elevation: 10 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at Mare Harbour

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    2006 FIPVRN Castle class patrol vessel P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle
    2007-aug-20 2018-oct FIPSBFSAI Modified River class P257 HMS Clyde
    2008-oct BAS SupportRN Polar Circle class A171 HMS Endurance (1992)
    2008-oct BAS SupportRN HAS.2 XZ238
    2008-oct BAS SupportRN HAS.2 XZ246
    2011-apr-02 2011-apr-15 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Rover class A273 RFA Black Rover
    2014-jun-22 2014-jun Royal Fleet Auxiliary Rover class A273 RFA Black Rover
    2019-nov-01 FIPSRN River (Batch 2) class P222 HMS Forth

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