maldives Gan International Airport

Gan, Addu Atoll


Satellite and aerial maps of Gan with nearby locations

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4.1017 Gan Anchorage, Addu Atoll
132.6352VRMT Kaadedhdhoo, Kaadedhdhoo Island
161.3011VRMO Kooddoo, Gaafu Alifu Atoll
286.6008VRMK Kadhdhoo, Kadhdhoo Island
374.7355VRMU Dhaalu Aiport, Dhaalu

1941 to present

0° 41' 36'' S - 73° 9' 20'' E
SE of Gan Island
Elevation: 6 feet

History of this Location

The British presence withdrew from this staging base during 1975, for detachment at Diego Garcia. RAF Gan officially closed on 1 Apr 1976.

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List of aircraft and events at Gan

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1972-jun AirfreightUK Royal NavyType 12 Rothesay classF103 HMS Lowestoft
1973-jun UK Fleet Air ArmWaspXS568

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