Gan Anchorage

Addu Atoll

maldives Maldives

Satellite and aerial maps of Gan Anchorage with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
Gan , Addu Atoll 4.1197VRMG
Kaadedhdhoo , Kaadedhdhoo Island 128.9351VRMT
Kooddoo , Gaafu Alifu Atoll 157.3010VRMO
Kadhdhoo , Kadhdhoo Island 282.6007VRMK
Dhaalu Aiport , Dhaalu 371.0355VRMU

  Gan Anchorage

1941 to present

0° 39' 30'' S     73° 10' 0'' E
interior of Addu Atoll, Addu Atoll

Built by Royal Marine engineers in secret during 1941 and known as Port T until the end of WWII. Loading / unloading facilities were constructed along the inner side of the western islands making up Addu Atoll, under very difficult conditions.

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List of aircraft and events at Gan Anchorage

1971-dec-151971-dec RN Modified Centaur class R07 HMS Albion

1973-jun-051973-jun RN Type 81 Tribal class F125 HMS Mohawk

1974-feb-20 RN County class D20 HMS Fife
1974-feb-20 RN County class D21 HMS Norfolk

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