australia Darwin International Airport

Darwin, Northern Territory

Satellite and aerial maps of Darwin Intl with nearby locations

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2.3119 Darwin Aviation Museum, Northern Territory
7.9229 HMAS Coonawarra, Northern Territory
10.8219 Port Darwin, Northern Territory
11.2104 Robertson Barracks, Northern Territory
79.5234 Dundee Beach, Northern Territory
113.8115 Mount Bundey Training Area, Northern Territory

12° 24' 52.92'' S - 130° 52' 37.20'' E

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List of units at Darwin Intl

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1995/    161 Reconnaissance SquadronTiger ARH 2004/   
ca-32 kiowa 1972/   

Darwin Intl News

First H175 in Australia, 27-Nov-17 : An Antonov An-124 to bring the first two H175 to Darwin, Australia on November 27. To be operated on contract from Dili, Timor-Leste by Babcock Offshore Services Australasia


24-dec-7430-jan-75Cyclone Tracy relief operations

List of aircraft and events at Darwin Intl

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By Date | By Serial

1974-dec-31 1975-jan-30 Darwin areaRoyal Australian NavyPerth classD 41 HMAS Brisbane
1974-dec-31 Darwin areaRoyal Australian NavyMajestic classR21 HMAS Melbourne
1975-jan Darwin areaRoyal Australian NavyPerth classD 39 HMAS Hobart
1975-jan Darwin areaRoyal Australian NavyStalwart classD215 HMAS Stalwart
1975-jan Darwin areaRoyal Australian NavyEarly Tide classO 195 HMAS Supply
1975-jan Darwin areaFleet Air Arm (RAN)Wessex HAS.31N7-200
1975-jan Darwin areaFleet Air Arm (RAN)Wessex HAS.31N7-202
2007-aug-19 2007-aug-21 DarwinJP Japanese NavyKashima classTV 3508 JDS Kashima
2007-nov-17 AS332L1 Super PumaVH-LHH
2008-jan-13 BK117A-4ZK-HHV
2008-feb-03 AS332L1 Super PumaVH-LHH
2008-feb-03 S-61NC-FTIG
2008-feb-06 S-92AVH-LOH
2008-jun-08 BK117B-1VH-IME
2008-aug-01 EC135P1VH-WKK
2008-aug-03 EC145VH-WGO
2008-oct-01 S-76AVH-JRD
2008-oct-31 AS350B3 EcureuilVH-IPW / 308
2009-feb-06 S-61N Mk.IIC-FXEC
2009-apr-20 EC135P1VH-WKJ
2009-jul-07 S-61NC-FTIG
2009-jul-26 BK117B-1VH-BIF
2009-sep-01 212VH-JJY / 331
2009-sep-01 EC145VH-TNG
2011-aug-15 AS332L1 Super PumaVH-LYP
2013-nov-28 AS332L1 Super PumaVH-LHH
2014-aug-14 AW139VH-YHF
2015-feb-12 AS332L Super PumaVH-BHH
2015-mar-22 EC225LPVH-ZFB
2015-mar-23 AS332L1 Super PumaVH-LHG
2015-mar-28 AW139VH-YHF
2015-apr-01 AW139VH-YHF
2015-apr-03 EC225LPVH-ZFE
2015-apr-13 AW139VH-YHF
2015-apr-19 AS332L1 Super PumaVH-LYP
2015-jul-04 AW139VH-YHF
2015-sep-02 AW139VH-YHF
2015-sep-11 EC225LPVH-TQP
2015-oct-07 AW139VH-YHF
2015-oct-07 accidentR44 Raven IIVH-ZWA
2015-nov-03 AW139VH-YHF
2016-jan-07 AS332L1 Super PumaVH-LYP
2016-feb-09 H225 / EC225LPVH-NWJ
2016-jun-16 Babcock AustraliaS-92AVH-NWD
2016-aug-30 US US Marine CorpsUH-1Y Venom168044
2017-may-17 AS332L1 Super PumaN5893Y

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