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    CHC Helicopters Australia



    chc raaf rescue

    From April 1st, 1989, CHC provides helicopter rescue services to the Department of Defence

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    News of RAAF Rescue Service

    CHC Australia AW139 Ready for Rescue Service, 27-Feb-19 : #Rescue The six AW139 helicopters operated by CHC under contract of the Australian DoD for rescue services for RAAF, RAN and Army are now operational

    CHC Renewed SAR Service with RAAF, 16-Apr-18 : CHC signed 30-month contract continuation with Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) to provide search and rescue at five bases replacing current six S-76 with AW139. CHC also provides SAR to Army and Navy


    1989/    YE Falaise
    1989/    PearceYPEA
    1989/    TindalYPTN
    1989/    AmberleyYAMB
    1989/    WilliamtownYWLM
    1989/    Darwin IntlYPDN
    East SaleYMES


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    2019/    Royal Australian Air Force AW139
    2006/19 Royal Australian Air Force S-76     S-76A
    1989/    412     412EP

    RAAF Rescue Service List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    36419 412ep 2006 VH-EPH : pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport in RAAF Search and Rescue livery
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-EPH : Lloyd Helicopters Ptd Ltd from Febr07, Bell serial N3070R, op by CHC; Ambu+
    Australia Air Ambulances VH-EPH : Ambulance NSW Rescue 22, Bankstown op by CHC
    : 13jun14 picking up accident victim at Bunbury, WA
    760300 s-76a 1990 VH-LHN : CHC Australia from Feb05, RAAF
    Hong Kong Government B-HZE : HKG-18. ex VR-HZE. to VH-LHN
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-LHN : Lloyd Australia from May03
    Royal Australian Air Force VH-LHN : RAAF Rescue Helicopter op by Lloyd/CHC; pictured (pic1) at Jandakot Airpo+
    : pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport
    Kestrel Aviation VH-LHN : Kestrel Aviation from Sep19
    31209 aw139 2007 VH-RQZ : RAAF Rescue service; pictured at Jandakot Airport, Perth after rebuild.
    CHC Scotia G-CGWB : CHC Scotia from Mar08; operated on behalf HM Coast Guard
    : CHC Scotia from 2015-Aug18
    Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-CGWB : HM Coastguard Apr08-2015, op by CHC Scotia
    Royal Australian Air Force VH-RQZ : RAAF Rescue service 2019, op by CHC
    : RAAF Pearce Air Weapons Range

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