australia Karratha

Dampier, Western Australia

130.5285 Trimouille Island, Western Australia
143.4263YBWX Barrow Island, Western Australia
192.6 77YHIP Port Hedland Heliport, Western Australia
196.2 79YPPD Port Hedland, Western Australia
313.8241YEXM Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia
325.6238YPLM Learmonth, Western Australia

20° 42' 45.72'' S - 116° 46' 33.60'' E

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News about this location

Lobo Leasing AW139 to CHC Australia, 18-Dec-17 : Lobo Leasing from Ireland placed a offshore configured AW139 helicopter with CHC to be based in Karratha, Western Australia

CHC Australia AW139 Contracted by Quadrant Energy, 23-Jun-17 : CHC will provide for two years passenger transfer services to Quadrant’s oil and gas installations on the North West Shelf using two AW139s flying out of Karratha starting July 1st, 2017


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By Date | By Serial

1983-dec-18 UH-1H IroquoisA2-703
1983-dec-19 SA330J PumaVH-WOD
1985-jun-27 212VH-LAM
1985-jun-27 412VH-BZH
1985-jul-02 206B-3 Jet RangerVH-MHW
1985-sep-04 SA330J PumaVH-WOD
1985-sep-04 SA330J PumaVH-WOE
1986-oct-31 SA330J PumaVH-WOD
2013-jun-30 EC145VH-WKA
2015-jan-30 AW139VH-WEJ
2015-feb-23 S-76CVH-TZI
2015-mar-08 EC225LPVH-ZFD
2015-mar-11 AW139VH-ZFP
2015-mar-22 AW139VH-WEK
2015-mar-27 AW139VH-WEJ
2015-mar-29 S-76CVH-TZL
2015-mar-30 AS332L Super PumaVH-BZC
2015-mar-30 AS332L Super PumaVH-BHH
2015-mar-30 AW109SP GrandNewVH-NZU
2015-mar-31 AW139VH-PXF
2015-mar-31 AW139VH-ZFO
2015-apr-01 AW139VH-WEK
2015-apr-01 S-76CVH-TZI
2015-apr-02 AW139VH-PXE
2015-apr-03 AW109SP GrandNewVH-NZU
2015-apr-03 S-76CVH-TZL
2015-apr-05 AS332L1 Super PumaVH-LYP
2015-apr-08 EC225LPVH-WEX
2015-aug-30 AW139VH-ZFM
2016-feb-27 AW139VH-ZFM
2017-nov CHC Helicopters AustraliaAW189VH-WEQ
2018-jan-27 CHC Helicopters AustraliaAW189VH-WEX
2018-jan-27 CHC Helicopters AustraliaAW189VH-WEV
2018-jan-27 Bristow AustraliaEC225LPVH-ZFK

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