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  • germany Amrumbank West OWF

    Offshore Germany



    Satellite and aerial maps of Amrumbank West OWF with nearby locations

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    8.8189DE06 Nordsee Ost OWF, Offshore Germany
    14.6180DE07 Meerwind Sud/Ost OWF, Offshore Germany
    39.8160EDXH Helgoland D√ľne, Schleswig-Holstein
    40.5162ETMH Helgoland SAR, Schleswig-Holstein
    55.5006EKBU Butendiek OWF, Offshore Germany
    56.2070EDXY Wyk auf Foehr, Schleswig-Holstein

    2015 to present

    54° 31' 22.80'' N - 7° 42' 18.00'' E
    Heligoland Bight
    ICAO: IATA: Local: DE05

    History of this Location

    Amrumbank West OWF consists of 80 turbines in c 23m of water on the Amrum Bank, spread over 33 sq km, commissioned in 2015, with a remote control centre in Helgoland.

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