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Wind energy industry data for onshore and offshore helicopter operators, list of wind farms and clean energy news

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  Helicopter Operators

AU Babcock Australia
DK Babcock Denmark
UK Babcock International
UK Bristow
UK CHC Scotia
DK DanCopter
DE Helicopter Travel Munich
DE HeliService International GmbH
DK KN Helicopters
UK NHV Helicopters Ltd
DE Northern HeliCopter GmbH
UK Offshore Helicopter Services
DK Uni-Fly A/S
DE Wiking Helikopter Service GmbH

helicopter   Helicopters Recently Seen near Wind Farms

US State of Texas407N34HF
UK NHV Helicopters LtdAW139NHZ23 / G-NHVB
UK Babcock InternationalAW139HKS51 / G-PERD
UK NHV Helicopters LtdAW139HKS40 / G-NHVN
NL Politie Luchtvaart DienstAW139ZXP25 / PH-PXY
DK Bel Air AviationAW139BBX101 / OY-HML
UK NHV Helicopters LtdAW139NHZ22 / G-NHVP
NL CHC Helicopters Netherlands bvAW139HNL24B / PH-SHP
UK NHV Helicopters LtdAW139NHZ24 / G-NHVC
UK Babcock InternationalAW139ULR1 / G-MCSD
UK CHC ScotiaAW139HKS39 / G-SNSI
UK Starspeed LtdAW139GRBHF / G-RBHF
DE HeliService International GmbHAW139HSOMR1 / D-HHMR
NL Politie Luchtvaart DienstAW139ZXP24 / PH-PXX
UK Bond Helicopters Ltd (2022)AW139GPJCS / G-PJCS
UK BristowAW139BHL538 / G-CKYP
JP Fire and Disaster Management AgencyAW139JA17AR
UK Babcock InternationalAW139ULR1 / G-MCSC
UK Executive Jet Charter LtdAW139GDVIO / G-DVIO
UK BristowAW139BHL540 / G-CHNS
NL CHC Helicopters Netherlands bvAW139HNL24A / PH-EUE
UK Bond Helicopters Ltd (2022)AW139GPJCD / G-PJCD
DE HeliService International GmbHAW139HSOPK2 / D-HHPK
UK Bond Helicopters Ltd (2022)AW139GPJCN / G-PJCN
BE LuchtcomponentNH90 NFHRESQ04 / RN04
NL Marine LuchtvaartdienstNH90 NFHNEPTN04 / N-277
NL Marine LuchtvaartdienstNH90 NFHNEPTN11 / N-195
NL Marine LuchtvaartdienstNH90 NFHGUARD12 / N-319
DK KN HelicoptersEC135T2SHW08A / OY-HPU
NL Politie Luchtvaart DienstEC135P2+ZXP04 / PH-PXD
NL Politie Luchtvaart DienstEC135P2+ZXP03 / PH-PXC
NL Politie Luchtvaart DienstEC135P2+ZXP01 / PH-PXA
NL Politie Luchtvaart DienstEC135P2+ZXP02 / PH-PXB
NL Heli HollandEC155B1PHEQU / PH-EQU
DE Northern HeliCopter GmbHEC155B1NHC01 / D-HNHB
DE Helicopter Travel MunichEC135P2HTM01I / D-HTMI
DE Helicopter Travel MunichEC135P2HTM28H / D-HTMH
NL CHC Helicopters Netherlands bvAB139HNL25B / PH-SHK
US US NavyMH-53E Sea DragonHRCANE10 / 162497
US US NavyMH-53E Sea Dragon / 162503
CA Blackcomb Helicopters206B-3 Jet RangerCFMCL / C-FMCL
US State of California412EPJRE807 / N807JS
UK National GridR44 Raven IIGRBRI / G-RBRI
NO Airlift ASAS332C Super PumaALI10 / LN-OBX
UK BristowS-92ABHL51J / G-CLHW
UK HM CoastguardS-92ABHL201B / G-MCGE
UK BristowS-92ABHL62E / G-CMBH
UK HM CoastguardS-92ASRG900 / G-MCGH
UK Babcock InternationalS-92AULR85G / G-MCSK
UK HM CoastguardS-92ASRG912A / G-MCGF
UK BristowS-92ABHL43B / G-IACD
UK BristowS-92ABHL43D / G-CICH
UK HM CoastguardS-92ASRD936 / G-MCGY
UK BristowS-92ABHL64N / G-CLGF
UK BristowS-92AULR84W / G-CGYW
UK Babcock InternationalS-92AULR95G / G-MCSI
UK Babcock InternationalS-92AULR84W / G-VINI
UK BristowS-92ABHL78D / G-CGCI
UK BristowS-92ABHL43A / G-CIJC
UK HM CoastguardS-92ASRG936 / G-MCGK
UK BristowS-92ABHL78C / G-CKXL
UK BristowS-92ABHL51T / G-IACA
UK BristowS-92ABHL51B / G-IACF
US HeliFliteS-76CN34HF
-AB206B / G-KETH
NL Heli HollandH175HHE62A / PH-OSF
UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175NHZ652 / G-NHVR
UK Babcock InternationalH175ULR97N / G-MCSF
UK Babcock InternationalH175HKS16A / G-CLTB
UK Babcock InternationalH175ULR99A / G-MCSP
UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175NHZ657 / G-NHVF
DK NHV DenmarkH175NHD607 / OY-HRV
UK Babcock InternationalH175ULR88F / G-MCSO
UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175NHZ680 / G-NHVU
UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175NHZ680 / G-NHVV
UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175NHZ630 / G-NHVJ
DK DanCopterH175NHD601 / OY-HMV
UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175NHZ505 / G-NHVG
UK CHC ScotiaH175ULR94S / G-EMEA
UK CHC ScotiaH175HKS36B / G-EMEH
UK Babcock InternationalH175ULR92C / G-MCSH
UK CHC ScotiaH175HKS16A / G-EMED
DE HeliService International GmbHAW169HSOWA1 / D-HTWA
DK Uni-Fly A/SAW169UFX62 / G-UNIB
DK Uni-Fly A/SAW169UFX64 / OY-HOT
DE HeliService International GmbHAW169HSOTJ2 / D-HHTJ
DE HeliService International GmbHAW169HSOMJ1 / D-HHMJ
UK Specialist Aviation ServicesAW169HLE60 / G-KSSC
DK Uni-Fly A/SAW169UFX61 / G-UNIA
DK Uni-Fly A/SAW169UNC63 / OY-HOF
UK NHV Helicopters LtdAW169NHZ34 / G-NHVT
UK NHV Helicopters LtdAW169NHZ31 / G-NHVD
DE HeliService International GmbHAW169HSOFJ5 / D-HHFJ
US State of UtahS-76DN976TR
UK HM CoastguardAW189SRG199 / G-MCGR
NL Kustwacht NederlandAW189NCG06 / PH-SAR
UK HM CoastguardAW189G-MCGM
UK HM CoastguardAW189SRG187 / G-MCGS
NL Kustwacht NederlandAW189NCG08 / PH-NCG
DK Bel Air AviationAW189BBX605 / OY-HLM
UK HM CoastguardAW189SRD163 / G-MCGU
DK Bel Air AviationAW189BBX609 / OY-HSE
US State of MassachusettsH145D2 / EC145T2N145NE
DE Wiking Helikopter Service GmbHH145D2 / EC145T2NHC47 / D-HOAE
DE Helicopter Travel MunichH145D2 / EC145T2D-HTMK
DE Wiking Helikopter Service GmbHH145D2 / EC145T2NHC47 / D-HOAF
DK KN HelicoptersH145D2 / EC145T2SHW07A / OY-HNL
-H145D2 / EC145T2MAJOR / M-AJOR
DE Helicopter Travel MunichH145D2 / EC145T2DHTMM / D-HTMM
DE DRF LuftrettungH145D2 / EC145T2NHC48 / D-HDSJ
FR Aéronautique NavaleH160FNY5330 / 024
FR Aéronautique NavaleH160BELLIGB / 031
UK Army Air CorpsAH-64E ApacheHUNTER3 / ZM712
UK Army Air CorpsAH-64E ApacheVIPER1 / ZM717
UK Army Air CorpsAH-64E ApacheHUNTER5 / ZM703
-R66 TurbineGWILC / G-WILC
DE BundespolizeiH215 / AS332C1e / AS332L1eBPO807 / D-HEGQ
UK Sloane HelicoptersAW109S TrekkerTDT18 / G-RMBH
UK Volare AviationAW109S Trekker2DIVT / 2-DIVT
DK Nordic Air Ambulance A/SEC135P2+DOC96 / LN-OOW
DK Nordic Air Ambulance A/SEC135P2+DOC87 / LN-OOZ
DE Helicopter Travel MunichH145D3 HTM28O / D-HTMO
-H145D3 F-HLVH
UK Capital Air Services LtdH145D3 GHFLW / G-HFLW
UK UK Air AmbulancesH145D3 HM98 / G-YAAA
DE ADAC LuftrettungH145D3 CHX26 / D-HYAT
NL ANWB Medical Air AssistanceH135 / EC135P3HLIFELN1 / PH-TTR
-H135 / EC135P3HPHHCX / PH-HCX
NO Norsk LuftambulanseH135 / EC135T3HLN-OUK
NO Norsk LuftambulanseH135 / EC135T3HDOC97 / LN-OUC
UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)H135 / EC135T3HRFR7218 / ZM512
-H135 / EC135T3H2HELY / 2-HELY
DK KN HelicoptersH135 / EC135T3HSHW04E / OY-HNK

  Wind Energy news

HTM Orders Additional H145D3 for Offshore Wind Operations

HTM Orders Additional H145D3 for Offshore Wind Operations

06-Jun-24 - German operator HTM orders up to three five-bladed Airbus H145D3 helicopters for offshore wind operations off the coasts of Germany and France. HTM was the launch customer of this model for this mission back in 2021 #ILA2024
Vestas and HeliService to Test SAF in Helicopters at Baltic Sea

Vestas and HeliService to Test SAF in Helicopters at Baltic Sea

23-May-24 - Vestas will pilot Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) with Leonardo helicopters operated by HeliService GmbH at the Baltic Eagle Wind Farm in the Baltic Sea during 2024 #SustainableAviation
LCI Launches a New Research and Advisory Division

LCI Launches a New Research and Advisory Division

24-Jan-24 - LCI, a leading global aircraft lessor, establishes a new, independent division that will focus on mission critical rotorcraft and advanced air mobility operations across sectors including energy, medical services (EMS ) and search and rescue (SAR) #leasing
NHV Strategic Partnership for Offshore Wind Services in Taiwan

NHV Strategic Partnership for Offshore Wind Services in Taiwan

19-Oct-23 - Belgian group NHV has entered into a new strategic partnership with local company Apex Aviation to provide helicopter services for the offshore wind industry in Taiwan. The collaboration is scheduled to commence in Q4 2024 #WindEnergy
CHC Wins Offshore Wind Farm Dogger Bank Contract

CHC Wins Offshore Wind Farm Dogger Bank Contract

10-Jul-23 - CHC will provide AW139 and H175 helicopters from its Norwich base to support the world’s largest offshore wind farm, Dogger Bank, in the North Sea, located 130km off the Yorkshire coast #WindFarm
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