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    Industry news and list of wind farms and helicopter operators

    wind energy offshore helicopters

    Helicopter Operators

    Helicopters Recently Seen near Wind Farms

    UK BristowAW139BHL531 / G-CIKO
    DE Wiking Helikopter Service GmbHAW139WHS1AC / D-HOAC
    UK Babcock InternationalAW139 / G-MCSD
    UK CHC ScotiaAW139 / G-SNSI
    UK BristowAW139BHL538 / G-CKYP
    DE HeliService International GmbHAW139HSO42A / D-HHMH
    DE Helicopter Travel MunichEC135P2 / D-HTMH
    DE Wiking Helikopter Service GmbHAB139 / D-HHOA
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92 / G-VIND
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS19A / G-WNSE
    UK BristowS-92A / G-IACD
    UK BristowS-92A / G-CKXL
    UK BristowS-92A / G-CLGF
    UK HM CoastguardS-92A / G-MCGE
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92A / G-WNSV
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS16A / G-WNST
    UK BristowS-92ABHL56E / G-CLHW
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS32K / G-WNSL
    UK BristowS-92ABHL64P / G-IACE
    UK BristowS-92ABHL41J / G-IACA
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92ABND88F / G-MCSB
    UK BristowS-92ABHL60A / G-CHYG
    UK BristowS-92ABHL51A / G-CIGZ
    UK BristowS-92A / G-MRLI
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92ABND97Y / G-MCSK
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS36C / G-WNSF
    DK DanCopterH175 / EC175NHD251 / OY-HVR
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ685 / G-NHVJ
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175 / G-NHVI
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ685 / G-NHVA
    UK Babcock InternationalH175 / EC175BND95Z / G-MCSG
    DK DanCopterH175 / EC175 / OY-HHV
    DK DanCopterH175 / EC175 / OY-HMV
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175 / G-NHVR
    UK CHC ScotiaH175 / EC175 / G-EMEA
    UK Babcock InternationalH175 / EC175 / G-MCSF
    DE HeliService International GmbHAW169 / D-HHFJ
    DE HeliService International GmbHAW169 / D-HHTJ
    DK Uni-Fly A/SAW169 / OY-HOW
    DE HeliService International GmbHAW169HSO53C / D-HHMJ
    UK BristowAW189BHL75A / G-OENC
    DE Wiking Helikopter Service GmbHH145 / EC145T2WHS2AH / D-HOAH
    DE Helicopter Travel MunichH145 / EC145T2HTM18M / D-HTMM
    BE NHVH145 / EC145T2NHX20 / OO-NSV
    DK KN HelicoptersH135 / EC135T3 / OY-HNK
    DK Nordic Air Ambulance A/SEC135P2+ / LN-OOW
    DK Nordic Air Ambulance A/SEC135P2+DOC91 / LN-OOZ

    Wind Energy news

    Wiking Received Fourth AW139, 17-Dec-20 : #NorthSea German offshore operator WIKING Helikopter Service received a new 7-ton AW139 and now operates 4 helicopters of this model to support the energy industry in the North and Baltic Sea areas

    HTM Orders H145 for Offshore Wind Operations, 19-Sep-20 : #windenergy German HTM ordered two five-bladed H145 and will become the first operator to use the new helicopter for offshore wind operations. The Bk117D3 model achieved EASA certification on June 2020

    Helideck InfoShare Reporting Tool by HeliOffshore, 19-May-20 : #InfoShare HeliOffshore, the international association dedicated to improving offshore helicopter safety, launched Helideck InfoShare reporting system for operational incidents

    NHV Opens Base in Midden-Zeeland, 04-May-20 : #windfarms Belgian Group NHV inaugurated new base in Arnemuiden, Midden-Zeeland, Netherlands for offshore wind farms services with a brand new Airbus H145/EC145T2 helicopter

    Jet Fuel Contract for World’s Largest Wind Farm, 23-Mar-20 : #windenergy World Fuel Services (WFS) award contract to provide Jet A-1 fuel to the helicopter service for Hornsea One offshore wind farm. CHC, with Uni-Fly as a sub-contractor operates AW139 and AW169 from Humberside

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