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    Industry news and list of wind farms and helicopter operators

    wind energy offshore helicopters

    Helicopter Operators

    Helicopters Recently Seen near Wind Farms

    UK BristowAW139 / G-CIPX
    UK Babcock InternationalAW139BND1 / G-MCSC
    DE HeliService International GmbHAW139HSO41A / D-HHMH
    UK BristowAW139 / G-CIPW
    UK BristowAW139BHL540 / G-CHNS
    NL CHC Helicopters Netherlands bvAW139HNL11A / PH-EUJ
    UK BristowAW139BHL538 / G-CKYP
    UK CHC ScotiaAW139GSNSE / G-SNSE
    UK CHC ScotiaAW139GSNSI / G-SNSI
    UK BristowAW139BHL537 / G-CIMU
    DE BundespolizeiAS332L Super PumaBPO848 / D-HEGP
    DE Helicopter Travel MunichEC135P2HTM30H / D-HTMH
    DE Wiking Helikopter Service GmbHAB139WHS1OA / D-HHOA
    UK BristowS-92ABHL64D / G-CICH
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS37A / G-WNSL
    UK BristowS-92ABHL70Y / G-IACC
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92A / G-VINF
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92ABND93N / G-MCSB
    UK HM CoastguardS-92ACG936 / G-MCGJ
    UK BristowS-92A / G-MRLI
    -S-92AHKS35A / G-CHHF
    UK BristowS-92ABHL60B / G-IACF
    UK BristowS-92ABHL70Y / G-CLGF
    UK BristowS-92ABHL45C / G-IACD
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS04G / G-WNST
    UK HM CoastguardS-92ACG912 / G-MCGH
    UK BristowS-92ABHL78C / G-CKXL
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92ABND89F / G-MCSI
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS09D / G-WNSU
    UK BristowS-92ABHL45M / G-IACA
    UK BristowS-92ABHL56D / G-IACE
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS31B / G-WNSV
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS09E / G-WNSG
    UK Babcock InternationalS-92ABND84W / G-MCSK
    UK BristowS-92ABHL72D / G-CLHW
    UK CHC ScotiaS-92AHKS35A / G-WNSE
    UK CHC ScotiaH175 / EC175HKS16A / G-EMEC
    DK Babcock DenmarkH175 / EC175SHW649 / OY-HHZ
    UK Babcock InternationalH175 / EC175BND92C / G-MCSH
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ655 / G-NHVV
    DK Babcock DenmarkH175 / EC175SHW622 / OY-HHW
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ736 / G-NHVF
    DK DanCopterH175 / EC175NHD873 / OY-HNV
    UK CHC ScotiaH175 / EC175HKS36D / G-EMED
    UK Babcock InternationalH175 / EC175BND85K / G-MCSO
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ614 / G-NHVU
    DK Babcock DenmarkH175 / EC175SHW602 / OY-HHY
    UK Babcock InternationalH175 / EC175 / G-MCSG
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ614 / G-NHVI
    UK NHV Helicopters LtdH175 / EC175NHZ726 / G-NHVJ
    DK Uni-Fly A/SAW169UNC60 / OY-HOW
    UK HM CoastguardAW189CG163 / G-MCGV
    DE Wiking Helikopter Service GmbHH145 / EC145T2WHS2AF / D-HOAF
    DE Helicopter Travel MunichH145 / EC145T2HTM24M / D-HTMM
    BE NHVH145 / EC145T2 / OO-NSV
    NO Norsk LuftambulanseH135 / EC135T3DOC91 / LN-OUK
    DK Nordic Air Ambulance A/SEC135P2+DOC86 / LN-OOV

    Wind Energy news

    Wiking Renewed H145 Leasing, 08-Jun-21 : #windfarm German helicopter operator Wiking signed 3-year lease extension of an Airbus H145 from Milestone. In service since 2018 is used to support windfarm operations in Northern Europe

    Face Covering Mask for Maritime Crew, 28-Mar-21 : #FaceCovering Survitec unveils face covering with anti-viral properties for maritime crew protection

    Offshore Wind Farm Recommendations, 02-Mar-21 : #WinReP HeliOffshore, an offshore helicopter operators association, published its Wind Farm Recommended Practice (WinReP) in collaboration with G+

    Wiking Received Fourth AW139, 17-Dec-20 : #NorthSea German offshore operator WIKING Helikopter Service received a new 7-ton AW139 and now operates 4 helicopters of this model to support the energy industry in the North and Baltic Sea areas

    HTM Orders H145 for Offshore Wind Operations, 19-Sep-20 : #windenergy German HTM ordered two five-bladed H145 and will become the first operator to use the new helicopter for offshore wind operations. The Bk117D3 model achieved EASA certification on June 2020

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