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    Netherlands Coastguard


    Since 1997 maritime search and rescue in the Netherlands have been privatized. It was previously done by Navy helicopters

    1997 - Heli-Holland AS355
    2012 - NHV AS365
    2022 - Bristow AW189 from EHKD and EHMZ


    Bristow Leasing SAR AW189s and S-92s from Milestone, 17-Feb-23 : #leasing Milestone expands partnership with Bristow with the lease of 6 helicopters including its first AW189 in search and rescue configuration (for the Netherlands) and four S-92 for offshore SAR across Norway

    Bristow Launches Netherlands Coastguard AW189 Service, 05-Nov-22 : #Netherlands Bristow launched 10-year contract to provide a 24/7 all-weather search and rescue (SAR) with AW189 helicopters at the Den Helder and Midden Zeeland Airports on behalf of the Netherlands Coastguard

    Bristow AW189 for Netherlands Coastguard, 20-Jan-22 : #CoastGuard Bristow awarded 10-year contract to provide 24/7 all-weather search and rescue (SAR) with AW189 helicopters to the Netherlands Coastguard from 2 bases

    Camcopter S-100 UAV Demonstration in Netherlands, 08-Feb-16 : Schiebel, Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR), Netherlands Coastguard and the Royal Netherlands Air Force conducted a series of successful flights with the Schiebel CamCopter S-100 Unmanned helicopter

    08-Jan-15 - Netherlands Retired AB412 SAR Helicopters

    Model Types

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      AW AW1892022
      SNIA AS355 ecureuil 2219972005

    List of Aircraft

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    AW189 92009 2018PH-BSR : Bristow at Den Helder from Nov22
    AS355E TwinStar 5049 PH-HHC : Coast Guard type:AS355F1 TwinStar; from to 2005 operator Heli Ho ...
    AS355F Ecureuil 2 5215 1982PH-HVH : Coast Guard type:AS355F1 TwinStar; from operator Heli Holland, f ...
    AW189 92001 2014PH-NCG : Netherlands Coastguard from Sep22, op by Bristow, pictured (pic3)
    : based at Midden-Zeeland airport.
    AW189 89015 2022PH-SAR : Netherlands coastguard from Oct22, op by Bristow
    : pictured

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