germany DRF Luftrettung

German air rescue


DRF Luftrettung German air rescue

Established January 1972, the Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht e.V ( German Air Rescue Association ) DRF Luftrettung operates 31 HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) bases in Germany and Austria ( ARA ) with over 50 helicopters. For worldwide repatriation of patients operates 365/24h dedicated ambulance jets based at the airport Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden. A specially equipped offshore-helicopter is additionally based at Güttin (isle of Rügen) for operations in the Baltic Sea.

In 2015 the air rescue organization flew a total of 38,653 missions.

Organisation Models Login to Edit

  AH H135 / EC135T32017
  AH H145 / EC145T2 2014
  EC EC145 2009
  Bell 4122005
  EC ec135 1996
  MBB bk117 1984
  MBB bo10519722009

Rotary Wing Aircraft Units Login to Edit

Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Christoph Berlin1993 --
    Christoph Dortmund (DRF)2011 --
    DRF/Falck Denmark2010 2013
    Christoph 11 (DRF)1996 --
    Christoph 24 (DRF)1992 --
    Christoph 27 (DRF)1998 --
    Christoph 36 (DRF)2006 --
    Christoph 37 (DRF)2006 --
    Christoph 42 (DRF)? --
    Christoph 44 (DRF)1980 --
    Christoph 46 (DRF)1991 --
    Christoph 54 (DRF)1993 --
    Christoph 60 (DRF)1994 --
    Christoph 80 (DRF)2011 --
    AMB 01 - Offshore Husum 2012 --

Locations for this Org Login to Edit

Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   Bad BerkaChristoph 24 (DRF)
   Dortmund-WickedeChristoph Dortmund (DRF) 2011/now
   Flugplatz LatschChristoph 80 (DRF) 2011/now
   Freiburg BreisgauChristoph 54 (DRF) 1993/now
   Göttingen klinikumChristoph 44 (DRF) 1980/now
   Husum SchwesingAMB 01 2012/now
   Klinikum Heinrich-BraunChristoph 46 (DRF) 1991/now
   Klinikum MagdeburgChristoph 36 (DRF) 2006/now
   Kreiskrankenhaus RendsburgChristoph 42 (DRF) 1975/now
   NürnbergChristoph 27 (DRF) 1998/now
   Station NordhausenChristoph 37 (DRF) 2006/now
   Villingen - SchwenningenChristoph 11 (DRF) 1996/now
   Zentralklinikum SuhlChristoph 60 (DRF) 1994/now

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