Eurocopter EC145
germany DRF Luftrettung

German air rescue

2009 to present


DRF Luftrettung EC145

25 additional H145/EC145T2 to be delivered from 2014 through 2022

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2011/16Christoph Berlin Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    9454 2011     D-HDDN: DRF Luftrettung from Jan16; pictured
HDM Flugservice D-HDDN: HDM; Jan12 Christoph Munchen
    9063 2004     D-HDER: DRF from May06
McAlpine Helicopters G-CDGM: McAlpine Dec04-Feb06, test serial D-HMBB; Sep05 on disp+

HSD Luftrettung D-HDER: HSD Feb/May 2012

HDM Flugservice D-HDER: HDM 2013-2014
    9055 2004     D-HDPP: DRF from May09; pictured
Croatian civil SAR service 9A-HKA: HIKO Croatian air rescue 2005-2009

16-20may06 Berlin air show

HSD Luftrettung D-HDPP: HSD; Oct11 Christoph Niedersachsen
    9038 2003     D-HDRR: DRF Luftrettung 2003; pictured
HDM Flugservice D-HDRR: HDM; Sep07 Christoph Munchen

HDM Flugservice 2009

Jan11 Christoph Munchen

HSD Luftrettung D-HDRR: HSD (DRF) 2012
    9293     D-HDRZ: DRF Luftrettung
    9460     D-HDSB: DRF Luftrettung; Christoph Berlin
    9587 2012     D-HDSC: DRF Luftrettung from May13, test serial D-HADB

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