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  • germany Klinikum der Ludwig-Maximillan Universität Campus Großhadern

    München, Bavaria



    Satellite and aerial maps of UKH Grosshadern with nearby locations

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    7.7113 Klinikum Harlaching, Bavaria
    9.0076 Deutsches Museum, Bavaria
    12.9067MKB Klinikum Bogenhausen, Bavaria
    13.4108 Neubiburg, Bavaria
    13.9256EDMO Dornier/DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, Bavaria
    15.6116EDMR Ottobrunn heliport, Bavaria

    48° 6' 39.26'' N - 11° 27' 55.37'' E
    Elevation: 1790 feet

    History of this Location

    By 2001, UKH Großhadern had two helipads on the west of the main hospital site. During summer 2006 DRF had built a new hanger and apron and by Oct 2006 this was in use and the northern spot (60m away) had been decommissioned.

    Between Oct 2016 and Apr 2017, the remaining spot had been enlarged and its facilities improved.

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    List of units at UKH Grosshadern

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1991/    Christoph Munchen (HDM)EC145 2003/   
    412 1991/03

    List of aircraft and events at UKH Grosshadern

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    By Date | By Serial

    2002-apr-23 412HP D-HHCC
    2002-jun-27 412HP D-HHXX
    2002-jul-11 BK117A1 D-HDDD
    2002-jul-11 Christoph 54 (DRF) BK117A1 D-HDDD
    2002-jul-17 BK117A3 D-HMUM
    2002-oct-02 412HP D-HHVV
    2003-jan-16 412HP D-HHYY
    2003-feb-17 412HP D-HHVV
    2003-jun-03 BK117A3 D-HMUM
    2003-aug-30 BK117B1 D-HLTB
    2003-oct-15 BK117B1 D-HEMS
    2003-nov-08 412HP D-HHCC
    2003-nov-08 HDM Flugservice EC145 D-HDRR
    2003-dec-30 412HP D-HHUU
    2004-jan-16 412HP D-HHVV
    2004-aug-03 BK117B1 D-HLTB
    2004-aug-11 HDM Flugservice EC145 D-HDRR
    2007-mar-17 HDM Flugservice EC145 D-HDRR
    2007-sep HDM Flugservice EC145 D-HDRR
    2010-apr-06 Christoph Murnau (ADAC) BK117C-1 D-HLIR
    2011-jan HDM Flugservice EC145 D-HDRR
    2012-jan HDM Flugservice EC145 D-HDDN
    2014-mar-28 Christoph Murnau (ADAC) BK117C-1 D-HLIR
    2016-apr-03 ADAC H145 D-HYAC
    2016-nov-18 Christoph 1Christoph 1 (ADAC) H145 D-HYAG
    2018-jul-05 Christoph 40Christoph 40 (ADAC) EC135P2+ D-HKGD
    2019-feb-20 Christoph 32 (ADAC) EC135P2+ D-HXAC
    2020-jan-25 Christoph 1 (ADAC) H145 D-HYAQ
    2020-jul-18 Christoph 22 (ADAC) H145 D-HYAK
    2020-sep-09 Christoph 51 (DRF) EC145 D-HDSC
    2021-jan-14 Christoph 1 (ADAC) H145 D-HYAL

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