1970 to present

germany Christoph 1 (ADAC)

ADAC Luftrettung

ADAC Air Rescue

From 1975 to 1984 BMI flying with a UH-1D as Christoph 1

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  News about Christoph 1 (ADAC)

First ADAC Helicopter Using Biofuel

First ADAC Helicopter Using Biofuel

07-Jun-21 - A German air ambulance ADAC H145 helicopter flown on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for the first time thanks a partnership between Safran Helicopter Engines, Airbus and the energy company TotalEnergies #ecology
Behind the Scenes ADAC H145 Mountain Rescue

Behind the Scenes ADAC H145 Mountain Rescue

19-Mar-18 - Airbus engineer Rupert Gleissl in his free time rescues people in Germany s Bavarian Alps, often using ADAC’ H145 / EC145T2 helicopter.


1984-    Klinikum Harlaching
1970/75Klinikum Harlaching

helicopter   Models

Years Models
2015-    H145D2 / EC145T2
1984-    Bk117
1970/75 Bo105

Christoph 1 (ADAC) List of helicopters

C/N VersionBuilt
7080 bk117a3
D-HMUM 2011-07Klinikum Harlaching B-2 type at homebase
2013-10BK Tutzing noted at Tutzing (old pad)
7500 bk117c-1
D-HLIR 2015-05Klinikum Harlaching noted at Harlaching
2016-10Hospital Agatharied noted at Agatharied
S-414 105cb-2 1978
D-HDMA 1991-08Klinikum Harlaching noted at Harlaching
7005 bk117a1 1982
D-HDAC 1984-03Klinikum Schwabing noted on the old ground level pad in Luitpoldpark, c 600m to the W of the ...
7074 bk117a3 1986
D-HDPS 2012-09BK Tutzing noted at Tutzing (old pad)
7224 bk117b1 1991
D-HLTB 1996-11Klinikum Harlaching type:B-2 Christoph1 homebase
2004-02Klinikum Traunstein noted at Traunstein.
2004-10RMK Rosenheim noted at the old Rosenheim ground level pad.
2006-11Klinikum Bogenhausen noted as Christoph 1 at Bogenhausen
2007-05Kreisklinik Wolfratshausen noted at Wolfratshausen.
2007-09Klinikum Dachau noted at Dachau, on the ground level pad.
2008-12Klinikum Landsberg am Lech noted at Klinikum Landsberg
20054 h145d2 2015
D-HYAG 2016-11UKH Grosshadern noted as Christoph 1 at Grosshadern
2017-01Universitatsmedizin Greifswald noted as Christoph 1 at Greifswald
20079 h145d2 2016
D-HYAH 2018-02Klinikum rechts der Isar der TUM moted at TUM rooftop pad.
2018-03Mar18 asg Christoph1
20103 h145d2 2016
D-HYAJ 2021-06Klinikum Harlaching first ADAC helicopter refueled with biofuel,
20131 h145d2 2017
D-HYAL 2020-03Klinikum Harlaching noted at Harlaching
2020-03Kreisklinik Wolfratshausen noted at Wolfratshausen
2020-07Klinikum Harlaching noted at Harlaching
2021-01UKH Grosshadern noted at Grosshadern
2021-07Stadtklinik Bad Toelz noted at Klinik Bad Tölz.
2021-07Kreiskrankenhaus Achdorf noted at Landshut-Achdorf.
20207 h145d2 2018
D-HYAQ 2019-08Klinikum Harlaching noted at Harlaching
2020-01UKH Grosshadern noted at Grosshadern
2021-10Klinikum Garmisch-Partenkirchen noted at Garmisch-Partenkirchen
2021-10Kreiskrankenhaus Achdorf noted at Landshut-Achdorf.

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